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Timoté Geimer - product discovery workshop with Elium's customers

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We are constantly questioning ourselves with a pragmatic approach inspired by Pareto's principle (80/20) to build the best product through fast pace iterations.

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A track record of successful partnership, regardless of your size.



Having reached 20m€ yearly revenue in no time and willing to double it in a year. Nowjobs needed some support to shape and lead to product department.



Living a hyper-growth phase, myskillcamp needed our expertise to help them share their product organisation and make it future-proofed.



Willing to grow the company in a sustainable way. Elium needed some support to shape the product & product marketing department during their seed and serie A phases.

What we can
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We are passionate senior experts in Product Management in the mission of helping tech-enabled companies to accelerate at all stages of their development. Our product owners, product Managers, product marketers and product lead embrace all shapes of Agile to serve you best and transform your organisation. Whatever is your challenge we'll cover your back.


With more than 10 years experience shaping and leading teams in various company size and industry, we can help you define your strategy and implement it.


We know how challenging it can be to run a business and do recruiting at the same time. We also know how difficult it is to hire highly skilled professionals. We got your back.


We take our pride in your success. That's why we love so much sharing our knowledge.