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Our highly skilled and trained consultants embrace all challenges to serve you as best as possible and transform your organisation. Whatever the challenge may be, we’ll cover your back.

Product Management

Product management is the process of strategically directing every stage of the product lifecycle, from research and development to testing and positioning, to build technically feasible products that fulfil both user needs and business objectives.

Guillaume Regnier dualoop product manager
Product strategy

Which product to develop? For whom? For which market?

Understanding your users

Conducting user interviews and tests, doing discovery at scale.

Ensuring delivery

We help you prioritize your backlog, assure the quality and impact of the product.

Growing your product

Gain new users and work on retention, choose new features.

Becoming product-driven

We work with product decision-makers to bring the product to the top of the organization.

Growing your product skills

We help your product team develop the necessary soft and hard skills necessary for their role.

Aylin Yentur product designer dualoop

Product Design

Product Design is the art of putting all the methodologies and techniques of user experience at the service of the strategy, design, and performance, throughout the product lifecycle.

Setting up discovery

User interviews and observation, personas, jobs-to-be-done.

Generating ideas

Facilitating your workshops of co-design, ideation and solutions.

Prototype intuitive experiences

Storyboards, wireframes, mock-up.

Improve your product

Build on all the previous steps and prioritize improvements to be made.

It's not a job, It's a journey
It's not a job, It's a journey
It's not a job, It's a journey
It's not a job, It's a journey
It's not a job, It's a journey
It's not a job, It's a journey
It's not a job, It's a journey

Continuous learning

Weekly individual coaching
Bi-Weekly intervision sessions
Bi-weekly contribution to excellence tracks
Personal training on core topics and proprietary frameworks
dualoop product management continuous learning track
Amandine Contrino dualoop product manager

Broad experience

We’re all Fluent in 2 to 3 languages
We have from 3 to 16 years of experience
We’re active in all industries
We work with all types of companies (from startups to large corporates)
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Frequently asked questions

What is dualoop’s ideal customer profile?

We work exclusively with companies where technology is central to their business. Our clients all have technology at the heart of their strategy. Whether because it is the core of their business model (startups, scale-ups and technology companies) or because they depend on it to deliver their service (banks, insurance, telecoms, transport companies, etc.) or because they are undergoing a digital transformation (FMCG, industrial companies, etc.).

In which countries is dualoop operating?

Our headquarter is based in Brussels, but we operate across Europe.

Does dualoop have a particular domain of expertise?

We work with all domains of expertise, and our client portfolio includes many different ones. We live select our assignments & customers accordingly with our values and beliefs.

When has dualoop been founded?

dualoop was founded in 2021 by Timoté Geimer.

What is the dualoop product execution framework?

Product execution framework is the Product Excellence in a toolbox to help navigate through the lifecycle of a product. You will learn how we envision and help our clients to achieve our product excellence.