Unlock your full potential with product coaching - Joran Liessens' perspective

Maximize your product expertise with dualoop coaching. Discover how Joran Liessens from Loop Earplugs elevated his confidence in his product manager role, decision-making, and skills to the new heights!

Meet Joran Liessens

Joran embarked on his journey with Loop Earplugs in late 2021, joining as the 16th employee. Fast forward to today, and Loop boasts a team of over 150!

Before diving into the world of Loop Earplugs, Joran honed his skills in Customer Experience at Sandoz, Product Marketing at 3M, and even dabbled in consultancy at Bain & Company. While he had a rich tapestry of experiences, product management at Loop was a fresh challenge.

The challenge

Transitioning to a pure product management role at Loop Earplugs, Joran grappled with stakeholder communication, product discovery, market fit, and essentially, sculpting how should the role of product management work at Loop Earplugs.

Learning from books and lectures is one thing, but embedding that knowledge into your DNA, making it a part of your everyday workflow, that's where coaching shines.

How Joran found dualoop

Joran's thirst for knowledge led him to devour every resource - books, blogs, podcasts, and even networking on LinkedIn. His quest brought him to a Dualoop event in 2022, aptly named Rocket Day, centred around product management for startups and scaleups.

Joran Liessens dualoop Loop Earplugs

Captivated by the energy, the attendees, and dualoop's team, Joran's casual conversation with Timoté Geimer evolved into a transformative coaching relationship.

From a simple, "Hey, loved the event!" to "Can we dive deeper? Can you coach me and even our team?"

The dualoop coaching experience

Instead of spoon-feeding answers, dualoop's approach was to provoke thought, prompting Joran to ask the right questions and shift his perspective. Together, they unravelled the intricacies of stakeholder management, the art of proper communication, conducting product discovery, and many more aspects in a product manager's day-to-day tasks.

Joran found a coach to be a reflective mirror, an unbiased observer who offered fresh, uncoloured perspectives. This external viewpoint was invaluable, especially when

Joran needed to understand how his stakeholders might perceive his actions.

Sometimes, it's not about the message but very much how you deliver it.

Being new to product management, Joran often found himself in a whirlwind of self-doubt.

  • Can I?
  • Should I?
  • Is this a part of my role?
  • Is this how the role of product management should function?

But with coaching and guidance, Joran found the confidence to trust his instincts and make confident choices.

Why coaching? Why dualoop?

An external coach offers a fresh lens, challenging ingrained thought patterns and pushing you beyond your comfort zone. They ask the questions that need to be asked, guiding you to find the answers within.

A coach isn't just a guide; they're a catalyst for transformation.

Joran highlights: coach's blend of psychology and sociology expertise, product experience, and genuine warmth create the perfect balance.

“He has the gift to challenge someone just right, fostering growth and personal development.”

Anyone can benefit from coaching at any level of their career

Unlock the power of an external viewpoint; it's a game-changer for rooted mindsets.

With a coach by your side, you're not just navigating in the product world; you're being challenged to see beyond your perspective, question deeper, and discover unknown potentials to grow personally and professionally.

Ready to elevate your product expertise?

Are you having a specific problem in your organisation that you cannot solve? Are you (or your employee) currently alone in your product role, and need extra guidance to grow your skills?

Connect with dualoop, so we can analyse your problem together and find the best coach to help you identify your problems, help you grow in your role and become better

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