Our highly skilled consultants are ready to supplement your team and tackle together any challenge you may have.

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Pick the right skills to boost your team

Strengthen your team with experienced Product Managers and Product Designers for a period of 6 to 12 months. We hire the best product people out there, train them weekly and carefully match them with your organisation so we can maximise the impact they’ll make.

We are doers

Dualoop has been created by tech entrepreneurs and our consultants are all experienced product people with a large variety of backgrounds. We’re ready to tackle any challenge you may have. Product strategy, user research, problem framing, roadmap, backlog management, go-to-market, user experience refinement… We cover it all.

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dualoop product management product design consulting

A consulting firm with entrepreneur roots

We have merged a consulting firm's rigour with the startup world's hands-on approach. We are passionate and hard workers. We live at the cross-road of both worlds to serve our customers with humility and the determination to have the highest impact on their business.

Executive search services

We’re conscious that finding the ideal product or design leader of your can be challenging and takes time. We also understand that any organisation is different. That's why we have developed an executive search service in complement of our interim staffing solution.

Our deep involvement in the product community allows us to swiftly react to any situation and come with a tailor-made solution in no time.

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Hear it from our clients

During my 2nd year as CTO @Yago, we sensed that something wasn't right concerning our PM practices. The wheel wasn't turning smoothly as we which it would, and as a result, tensions rose between business and IT. dualoop's mission was to help us figure out the roots of our PM problem and then restructure our way of working around Product Management. The consultant jumped right into our operations and day-to-day business and help us clarify the root problems. He then proposed changes to our way of working to strive against our bad practices and helped us focus on the right problems. We're seriously lacking some good Product-Management practices in Belgium, and dualoop can help raise the bar!

Thomas Sohet
CTO at Yago

Dualoop nous a aidé à identifier le profil dont nous avions besoin. Trouver un PM n’est pas chose simple. C’est un métier nouveau et par définition en évolution. Chez Tapio, nous avions peu de recule et dualoop nous a apporté la maturité nécessaire pour poser un choix éclairé.

Louis Collinet
Co-Founder & CEO @Tapio

In our never-ending quest to recruit Product Managers, Dualoop submitted some of the best candidates. The ones with that little extra that made the difference. It's no surprise that we ended up hiring one of their Product Managers, for the second time already! In just a couple of weeks, she was already in the thick of things, taking the lead on her squad, tackling a very complex problem in collaboration with our Customer Success team, and talking to our customers. Her talent & skills are a big part of it. Yet Dualoop's support & guidance to their consultants also make a real difference, especially compared to freelancers.

Mathieu Van Belle
VP of Products @ Oper Credits

Working with Dualoop and Alexia have been a very positive experience. They helped us grow and put in place good Scrum practices that are highly effective and maximize our delivery. Alexia is dedicated and brings a lot of positivity to the team. I am very happy we crossed paths, communications and follow-ups with Dualoop are very smooth. I could not have dreamt of a better collaboration

Nicolas Roscetti
Lead Product Manager - Organizational Transformation at Solvay
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