Life at dualoop

After years of being active in the tech industry, we've seen practices evolving. Product management roles are arising and getting more professional every day. Yet, we were missing the development of a central hub for the European product community. That's why we’ve launched dualoop!

Our values


We take pride in helping you build excellent products that solve people's problems.


We serve our customers how we’d treat our own product and stay humble at any time.


We want to be career accelerator hub for tomorrow’s Product Leaders.


We focus on continuous learning, to consistently improve 1% every day.


We love to share our knowledge, best practices and create tools & frameworks.

Why join our team?

This is more than a simple job, we offer you an adventure! The opportunity to work with the most exciting teams and define the future of product management. We're radically transparent about the company's development, opportunities, and decisions. Our expectations are high but so are the rewards:

Be part of an international and experienced team
Stay at the forefront of the product management
Define your career goals and get all the support you need to achieve them
Access to an exclusive network of product leaders, founders and VCs
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