Revolutionizing Inventory Management with Bops' Plug & Play Platform

Discover Bops: the game-changer in supply chain management.

About the client

Simplifying inventory decisions for every business operator”

That’s the main idea behind bops.

The team at Bops noticed the pain of how remarkably expensive, time-consuming, and complex supply chain solutions are for manufacturers and distributors. Bops is building the first plug & play inventory intelligence platform.

Creating a more prosperous future for people is at the heart of what we do — both for our customers and those who join our team.

The mission

Bops had a clear objective: to construct a platform from the ground up, focusing on a "recommendation feed" as its key piece. This feed would serve as the main page, offering operators tailored recommendations to facilitate decision-making.

Armed with their vision, we started to work on a new platform. The recommendation feed's purpose is to provide users with relevant suggestions, helping them make informed decisions regarding their operations while guiding utilizing other platform features.

The Design Sprint Scope includes:

  • Flowcharting - 0,5 days
  • Wireframing with internal testing - 3,5 days
  • High-fidelity prototype - 1 day

The solution

Structured ideas into flowcharts for a clear user journey

As part of our collaboration with Bops, we received a work-in-progress report that included various comments and new ideas. Our team decided to structure and organise these ideas into a clear flowchart to ensure that we were all on the same page and aligned on the proposed solutions. This enabled us to understand the user journey better and visualize how the platform would look and function.

By taking this approach, we identified potential issues early on in the information architecture and made any necessary adjustments to ensure that the platform met Bops' needs and expectations.

Translated the flows into a low-fidelity prototype

With the flowchart in place, our team created a visual representation of the proposed platform. We started by designing low-fidelity wireframes to meet all of Bops' requirements. These wireframes included several key features:

💡 A performance score would allow users to see their current state and how they could improve.

💡 A priority feed that displayed top recommendations based on the user's role, to help avoid decision paralysis.

💡 Recommendations will be presented as cards/ tasks in a user-friendly card design.

Overall, the low-fidelity wireframes allowed us to act quickly and get feedback from Bops on the proposed design.

Brainstorming and Iteration

We made it a priority to encourage open discussion and brainstorming around ideas to ensure that we were considering all possible solutions. We presented our wireframes and gathered insights from bops as stakeholders who understand user behaviour, combining their input with our design expertise. We iterated on the wireframes each week, applying their feedback until we arrived at a structure for the feed that met all the key requirements.

By fostering open communication and encouraging brainstorming, we created a platform that truly met bops' needs and provided operators with the tools they needed to make better decisions.

Created a high-fidelity prototype and a built design system from scratch

On the final day of the design sprint, we focused on designing the platform and creating Bops' first design system while keeping their branding in mind. Since we had already detailed the wireframes and received feedback from Bops, we were confident in the final design.

Our goal was to enhance the look and feel of the platform while ensuring that it encouraged users to make decisions and make the most of the recommendation feed. By the end of the project, we had created a cohesive design system that not only met Bops' needs but also reflected their brand identity

Thoughts from the client

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