Rocket Day speaker #6: Samia Suys

Our Rocket Day event is happening this week, and we’re very excited to confirm our last speaker on the panel today. It’s Samia Suys, Head of Product at CHEQROOM! She’ll join us at our headquarters on the 6th of May to talk about going from zero to (anti)hero: building a diverse and inclusive product team from the ground up. 

Who is Samia?

Self-proclaimed queen of social awkwardness comes from Belgium, Ghent to be more precise, with 1/4th of Spanish blood running through her veins. Don’t be fooled by her shyness, though. Samia is very enthusiastic and driven tech-savvy. She is the Head of Product in SaaS at CHEQROOM during business hours. In addition, Samia is a feminist, idealist, advocate for queer rights, and recreational triathlete for the rest of her time. 

Although she now works in tech, Samia has a very diverse academic background. She has done her bachelor’s in Eastern Languages & Cultures (China), during which she lived in China for a few months. She did her first master’s degree in International Politics. But our tech-savvy didn’t have enough. She moved to Rouen in France for a year and did a master’s in global management. Homesickness caught her soon enough and moved her back to Belgium, where she has lived ever since then. 

Samia is a big book nerd. You can often find her reading fiction and non-fiction books. She also loves going to concerts and travelling. She has embarked on several trips far, far away from grey Belgium. Samia’s dog, Odette, whom she loves to take on a walk, is the cutest & sweetest border terrier in the world. 

If Samia were a Spice Girl, she’d be sporty spice. She’s an athlete that loves anything that has to do with endurance: 70.3 triathlons, marathons, semi marathons, trail runs, etc. Samia writes very well as well. Make sure to check her articles on Medium.

She rolled into product management by accident about 7 years ago and immediately fell in love with the versatility of the job. The opportunity at Cheqroom came to her after having sat on a panel at a Product MeetUp about 2 years ago. Samia first started as a consultant in the company and then decided to join full-time a year later. 


CHEQROOM is an equipment management software. Forget the pen and paper or excel process of managing your equipment. The platform allows you to track, analyse and organise your equipment. It’s an easy way to manage your AV and other high-impact equipment. It’s a trustworthy and flexible cloud tool that lets you register, monitor, and track your valuable assets in the cloud, any time, anywhere. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Airbnb are clients of CHEQROOM. 

CHEQROOM has been helping thousands of organisations worldwide manage their equipment, such as cameras, drones, IT equipment, and many more. 

In March, CHEQROOM raised $15 million to open an innovation hub in Spain and expand in the US. 

Her motto

The future is female

About the event

The Rocket Day event  on the 6th of May is our first-ever event to empower the product people community. Our event will feature aspiring product leaders who will be speaking on a range of challenging topics around their craft. It will be a valuable and impactful experience to skyrocket your product management career. 

The event will occur at our headquarters, 350 Avenue Louise, 8th Floor in 1050 Brussels. You’ll also be able to follow it online. RSVP here to attend it in-person or online to get all the information about it.

The good news? It’s totally free! 

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