Rocket Day speaker #2: David Pereira

If you’re active on LinkedIn and have been following anything related to product, you’ve most certainly heard about David Pereira. With over 20K followers on LinkedIn, David is a popular influencer in the product management world. He’ll join us for our Rocket Day on the 6th of May and talk about “Agile Manifesto is Outdated. It's Time for a Product Manifesto”. 

Who is David?

David describes himself as a passionate product leader, content creator, and speaker. He has ten years of product management experience. Over the last years, he led many product teams in successful endeavours. 

David says that curiosity drives him daily: Curiosity spurs action; knowledge kills it. His biggest fear is the comfort zone. 

David’s career is pretty impressive. He reinvented the route planning for thousands of people over Brazil in a business that resulted in 4M USD cost saving with a 200K USD investment. Another one of his achievements in Brazil is the innovation of the second-hand car market, where he led three product teams. They ran a business of 200M USD per year. 

David loves writing. His posts on LinkedIn gained him a lot of popularity. He shares his insights and opinions on various topics in product. He completely masters the social media platform. He talks about agile, scrum, leadership, product owner, and product management. Make sure to check his content on Linkedin. You can also check his articles on Medium

Over the last few years, he has been working as a product owner. David is focused on coaching teams to deliver the highest value for their customers. Today, David works as the head of product management at Virtual Identity and is an editor at Serious Scrum.

Content creator

As I previously mentioned, David is an excellent content creator with a large number of followers. He’s very active on LinkedIn. He shares many insights from his experiences, especially on scrum and agile, and tackles many issues related to product management on a daily basis. 

He’s also an editor on Serious Scrum, a community of people that practice Scrum. Members discuss and engage in various topics on the platform and actively contribute to the scrum community. He reviews articles every week on the website and shares many insights as well in order to help the agile community build meaningful products.

Check out one of his most popular posts, “Stop lying, Almost nobody does Scrum, where he talks about companies saying they are agile and master scrum when it’s far from the truth. He has a YouTube channel with dozens of product management-related videos as well. 

His motto

The faster we learn, the faster we succeed. 

About the event

The Rocket Day event  on the 6th of May is our first-ever event to empower the product people community. Our event will feature aspiring product leaders who will be speaking on a range of challenging topics around their craft. It will be a valuable and impactful experience to skyrocket your product management career. 

The event will occur at our headquarters, 350 Avenue Louise, 8th Floor in 1050 Brussels. You’ll also be able to follow it online. RSVP here to attend it in-person or online to get all the information about it.

The good news? It’s totally free! 

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