Overcoming Imposter Syndrome at Work: meet Alexia Dubail, product consultant at dualoop

Meet the next one in line - Alexia Dubail

Following up on my series of stories, "Being a consultant at dualoop", today's story will be about our amazing and quirky colleague - Alexia Dubail.

While it may not be a perfect comparison, I can't help but draw parallels between Alexia and the beloved Phoebe character from the TV show Friends. Her presence in the office is always a delight, and she has an uncanny ability to make everyone burst out laughing with her quirky and unpredictable humour.

alexia Dubail dualoop Product management

Let’s get into her story, shall we?

Before dualoop, Alexia worked as a product owner in a startup. Her first interaction with us was when she attended Rocket Day. I guess we left a positive impression? Alexia liked our approach to Product Management. Even though she loved her position at the time, she wanted to be in a role with more responsibilities and an environment where she could accelerate her PM career.

So, Alexia had joined dualoop, and we found the perfect assignment for her short after. She was thrilled about it and was looking forward. Unfortunately, the project ended prematurely before it could even begin. Alexia didn't let that setback dampen her enthusiasm. She used the extra time to read books, assist with dualoop's framework, and contribute to internal tasks. Her dedication and versatility proved to be a great asset to the team.

Soon enough, she went from almost having an assignment for a Belgian PME to landing an opportunity with one of Belgium's most significant companies.

Alexia had one of the worst cases of imposter syndrome I have ever seen! And I’ve worked with many people. The amount of pressure she put on herself was crazy. Alexia cares about her work deeply. She always wants to put in a good performance and deliver above expectations.

So, before starting her assignment, Alexia had coaching sessions with our senior consultants, who helped her understand that experimenting is a big part of the consultant's job; to make the best decision, you must try many approaches. It helped her to minimise pressure and set realistic expectations for herself.

We always believed in Alexia's potential to succeed. At dualoop, we don't primarily focus on the experience; we focus on the potential, motivation, and personality. Alexia is brilliant, motivated, results-oriented and a pleasure to work with. She is beyond inspired to improve, learn, and grow.

Alexia impressed her colleagues and managers with how she immersed herself in the business and learned their scientific jargon quickly. Even though many things were new and unfamiliar to her, and being the remote one doesn’t help when you're only at the beginning of your new job.

Despite all that, within just six months, she made a remarkable transformation from a hesitant Product Manager to a confident and assertive team leader.

She excelled at aligning team members towards a common goal and tackled the complex layers of the client's business, which was of enormous size, with remarkable ease. Her ability to overcome these hurdles while clearly focusing on delivering results was awe-inspiring.

Coaching at dualoop

But let’s talk about the coaching at dualoop, again. For Alexia - the main game changer was the Intervision sessions. She even remembers the exact ones that really helped her to tackle her assignment with the right and healthy attitude.

She was experiencing a new organisation in her team and she wanted to make sure that the dynamic stayed positive. With the Intervision, she had the possibility to pick the brain and get the experience from the other consultants and the good practices to set-up to ensure an effective collaboration.

You know what? I’ll tell you more about the Intervision in my next post.

Despite receiving consistently positive feedback from her team and external stakeholders, Alexia remains hesitant to acknowledge her own accomplishments and exceptional work. She has not received any negative reviews and has earned high praise for her superb performance, still, she tends to shy away from the spotlight.

We encourage her to embrace her unique and quirky personality and to accept the well-deserved appreciation that comes with her outstanding contributions.

Alexia's modesty is admirable, but her exceptional work deserves recognition and celebration.

You rock, Alexia!

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