Become A Product Manager by Following These 20 PM YouTube Channels

Feim Mehmed
May 31, 2022
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You can’t become a product manager by following a degree at university. It simply doesn’t exist. University might close its doors to aspiring product managers but there are many possibilities in becoming one. You can follow online training, try to find a mentor or just learn the job on the go. But how do you choose? If you’re looking for a free way to achieve the same goal, I believe one of the best ways is to learn through Youtube. Many product managers share their experiences and give their best tips on anything related to product management. 

However, there are over 100 million YouTube channels. Most of them don’t provide any quality content. Don’t drown in the number of options you have. I’ve got your back! Here are my 20 favourite YouTube channels you should subscribe to if you’re an aspiring product manager or want to develop skills in the field.

Colors of Chloe

Chloe is one of my favourites on the platform. She’s from LA and went to school at the Claremont colleges and Columbia university for engineering. 

Besides her working life, Chloe also shares videos about her everyday life. She started off her channel as a career channel. Previously, she has worked at Google, Facebook, Tiktok, many startups, and now at Discord!

My favourite video: What do I do as a Product Manager? 

Product School

One of the very popular YouTube channels to follow is Product School. Founded in 2014, Product School is the global leader in product management training with a community of over one million product professionals. 

Product School is committed to pushing the product management industry forward. They have published the Amazon bestseller, The Product Book, and host over 1,000 free events per year, including The Proddy Awards, and ProductCon, the largest multi-city conference in the world for product managers.

Their YouTube channel is full of webinars on various topics around product management, many interviews with experts and insightful videos

My favourite video: Get your Product Management Certificate in 7 Days with Product School 

Liam Bolling

Liam Bolling a product manager at Google. One day, he got tired of seeing $5,000 prerecorded product management courses online. He thought these companies were playing with people's hopes and dreams of becoming product managers and launched this YouTube channel instead. 

He gives many advice and insightful tips for free. Even though he doesn’t update his channel that often, his content is high quality. Make sure to check out the video that have been uploaded already.

My favourite video: How to make a great Product Manager Resume 

Diego Granados

Diego Granados is a very popular product management influencer on LinkedIn and he has a YouTube channel as well. He’s currently working at Microsoft on AI & ML. Diego loves helping others break into product management, and is always open to helping anyone! Make sure to follow him on LinkedIn as well. He posts a new status almost every day

On his YouTube channel, he gives many tips on breaking into product management and what mistakes to avoid. 

My favourite video: A day in the life of a Product Manager (Microsoft) 

Alisa Works

It’s time to subscribe to one of the main PM influencers on YouTube! Alisa Works shares many tips and insights she wishes she learned in school. She provides viewers with general career content, information and advice on how to get better at being a product manager. She also gives a major overview of what the tech world really is like. 

Looking to get into product management with no experience? How to survive your first 30 days as a product manager? Alisa Works will give you the best advice. 

My favourite video: Product Manager Day In The Life | What I do in a productive day

John Marty

Get the best advice from an ex-Amazon product manager! John Marty is an expert in the field and shares many tips on how to get the best PM job in big companies, provides help on how to use LinkedIn and gives insight from his career. 

He’s also got a very interesting podcast titled the Mindset Reset Podcast.

My favourite video: How to Negotiate Salary - 3 Tips!

The Product Folks

The Product Folks’ goal is to help the product manager community grow. It’s a community of volunteering product managers who are passionate about anything linked to product management and everything trending in the field. 

With more than 20,000 subscribers, The Product Folks publish new videos regularly on various topics. You’ll be able to find videos on how to crack PM interviews for major companies, explanations of complex PM terms or several interviews with industry experts. 

My favourite video: Product Management learnings from Stripe, Yahoo, Google & Twitter | Shreyas Doshi | TPF

Rocket Blocks

If you’re looking for how to get ready for an interview, Rocket Blocks is definitely the channel to follow. The channel gives many tips for interview prep, industry insights and career guidance for consulting and product management. 

They give access to mini-lessons from experts with experience at McKinsey, Google, BCG, Amazon & more. RocketBlocks has helped thousands of students to land offers at top companies and is used at leading universities (like Stanford GSB and the Ivy League schools) to help candidates prepare for interviews. 

My favourite video: How to ask great questions in your McKinsey, BCG, and Bain interviews 


More focused on tech than product management specifically, Exponent’s goal is to help people land their dream tech careers. Exponent is an online community, course, and coaching platform accompanying people with their interviews for a tech job. 

They give insightful advice on how to ace any interview for major companies like TikTok, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Amazon, just to name a few.

You can also sign up for Exponent's free PM interview course here 

My favourite video: Facebook Product Manager Mock Interview: Facebook Movies


You will love this Indian-American product manager’s YouTube channel. Harshibar shares her experience in the tech industry, the new things she’s learning, and her daily life along the way!

Very insightful, charming and smart, Harshibar gives tips on various topics in product. She’ll teach you how to prepare for interviews, be your most productive self, give app suggestions or get into big companies. Make sure to subscribe to her channel. She updates it regularly.

My favourite video: How I Use Notion: The Best Productivity Tool (not sponsored)

One Knight in Product 

If you’re more into listening than watching, then I’d suggest you check the One Knight in Product podcast out. OKP provides content for those interested in building, designing and marketing tech products. 

My favourite video: How to Build an Effective Product Organisation (with Marty Cagan)

Mind the Product

There’s no way you haven’t heard of Mind The Product if you’ve been active in the product world. 

MTP has been the reference in product management and their youtube channel provides various content to aspiring and expert product managers. Follow their channel to watch videos on how to be the best product manager and get insights from PMs from all around the world. 

They also upload talks from their yearly Mind The Product Conventions. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from industry experts! 

My favourite video: How to Build a Billion Dollar App by George Berkowski at Mind the Product 2013

Product Gym

I love Product Gym because they upload videos regularly. They give tips on networking, growing careers and coaching. If you’re wondering about how a product launch works, want to go further in your product career, or how to ace your PM interviews, definitely check them out.  

My favourite video: FAANG Product Manager Interview: Crush the FAANG PM Case Study Interview

Jeff Su

Even though he’s a product marketer, Jeff Su’s video content will help anyone in product and the world of tech. He makes videos on practical careers and gives many productivity tips.

If you’re looking to become more productive, this channel is then your holy grail. Jeff Su will help you get better at presentations, give you tips on how to use Notion, how prepare for tricky interview questions, and many more.

My favourite video: Reach out to Recruiters on LinkedIn (the right way!) 


Productized is a 3-day yearly conference with various workshops and talks. The conference brings talented speakers, industry leaders and experts on a stage in Lisbon. Besides videos from their conference, Productized also shares masterclasses, podcasts and videos from PM experts.

My favourite video: Escaping the Build Trap - Melissa Perri 

Dr. Nancy Li - Product Manager Accelerator

Featured in Forbes, Nancy Li made it her career to helping aspiring product managers land jobs in major companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. In her channel, she gives advice on how to prepare for interviews for major companies, how to juggle with your PM career whilst being a mom or how to switch careers.

My favourite video:  9 Steps To Become A Product Manager With No Product Management Experience 如何成为产品经理

Amara Anigbo

I love Amara’s channel because she doesn’t only post about product management and tech, but also about her personal life. It gives you a deeper look into what a product manager’s life looks like in general. When it comes to product, she posts interviews with product experts, a day in her life as a PM or videos about how to learn to code.

My favourite video: 5 Lessons I Learned Interning for Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella

Alex Rechevskiy - Growth PM

Alex Rechevskiy is a product manager working in Silicon Valley. He makes videos about product management, business and getting into and working at top tech companies. He talks about career coaching, interview prep and general product management Q&A. 

He hasn’t updated his channel for over a year, however, the videos that are available are extremely helpful and will give you many insights into getting into the product management world. 

If you fancy it, you can also sign up for his PM newsletter

My favourite video: How to Answer Behavioral Product Manager Interview Questions

Product Faculty

Are you an experienced product manager looking to improve your skills? Product Faculty provides free content to acquire new skills and develop existing ones. They’ve also got a big community with conferences, podcasts, live events and many more. 

Their channel features product experts from companies like Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft, all around the world giving several insights and tips. 

My favourite video: Marty Cagan, SVPG - Product Discovery, Product Strategy & Empowered Product Teams - Product Faculty

The Swag Wala

Shravan Tickoo’s is one of the holy grails of product management. He suggests what to learn, how to learn and how to get your first PM job. Acting as an educator, the takes the viewers inside the world of product management and growth.

His videos introduce product management, how to be successful as a product manager, explain some product management concepts, how to build a portfolio, etc.  

My favourite video: How to solve Product Management case studies for interviews? Explained the simple way.

What about you?

That's it. That was a non-exhaustive of my favourite YouTube channels in no particular order. There are many more channels that are not included in this list. What’s your favourite? Drop us a message on LinkedIn and I’ll make sure to update the list with your suggestion.