20 PM Accounts You Should Be Following on LinkedIn in 2022

Feim Mehmed
May 31, 2022
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We have suggested you what blogs to follow and what YouTube channels to subscribe to. Now it’s time to talk about LinkedIn influencers. Yes, they exist. Although not as glamourous as Instagram influencers, LinkedIn influencers are a real thing and they’re here to help. There are many influencers in the topic of product management and you can learn a lot from them. To become the best, you have to follow the best!

Our loopers love following product managers because they publish insightful content in a condensed way and make you think. If you’re just starting to work in the world of product management, following the best in the industry to learn about the craft can be very helpful. You can develop knowledge in the field very quickly.. 

Here is a list of 20 diverse and very insightful product managers, in no particular order, you should give a follow to!

Shyvee Shi

Need to level up your product career? Shyvee Shi is your girl! She is a product manager at Linkedin and she shares many tips and advice about the craft and careers in general. She’s one of our favourite content creators on the platform because she shares tips almost every day, gathering millions of views the past year! 

Zain Kahn

Zain Kahn isn’t a product manager, however his posts can help any PM as well.  He’s a creator, advisor and investor. Zain gives the best tips and advice that can help anyone with any career. Do you need help with planning your days? taking care of your mental health? being better at communicating? finding motivation? Then you should give Zain a follow! 

Zain posts daily and will help you make your life easier. 

Diego Granados

Diego Granados is amazing! He’s currently working as a product manager in AI & machine learning at Microsoft and has over 4 years of experience in building and launching products. Diego describes himself as costumer obsessed, data whisperer, engineer at heart and a gamer at soul.

He will provide you with everything you want to learn about product management. If you need help with breaking into product management and get the best advice from an expert, Diego’s LinkedIn page is the one to follow! 

Tim Herbig

Product management coach, consultant and speaker, Tim Herbig is someone you should definitely listen to. For more than 10 years, he worked in various in-house and consulting roles as a product Manager and head of product.

Tim posts almost daily about product strategy, product discovery, and product management. His posts are also accompanied by incredible graphics that will make understanding complex concepts way easier. 

Teresa Torres

How can I make this list without mentioning Teresa Torres? She’s a key figure in the product management world and an expert you should definitely give a follow to. Teresa is an author, speaker, and a product discovery coach. She’s the author of the best-seller “Continuous Discovery Habits”. On her LinkedIn, she posts about UX, product management, user research, entrepreneurship, and product discovery. She’s very active, sometimes even posting 3 times a day. 

Susan Stavitzski

Susan is a customer-driven product person who shares her thoughts and views on UX, tech, product, product management, and customer experience. She gives many insights on almost every aspect of product. What we love about Susan’s page is that she posts almost every day. She talks about how to communicate with your customers, how to solve problems as a product manager or what she has recently learned. Her page is filled with valuable insights. 

Gibson Biddle 

Want to read more about career, culture, product strategy, entrepreneurship, and product management in general? Former VP of product at Netflix, Gibson Biddle, has great content for you! The product community love him. He also gives inspiring and engaging talks on many product management topics. 

Gibson updates his followers with what readings to do, news about his talks and various PM related topics.

Subscribe to his “Ask Gib” newsletter as well!

Andre Albuquerque

Andre is a popular product influencers on the platform. He currently is the VP of product at Kitch, a company helping restaurants deliver food. Andre is also the founder of One Month PM, a product advisor of Shilling, VC and professor at Catolica Lisbon. 

He posts regularely about topics such as product, startups, leadership, entrepreneurship, and product management.  Andre also offers a product management program to become a PM in one month on his website. You can check it out here as well

Andrew Bowker

Are you looking into how to break into product management, build your own products or just for ideas and/or inspiration? Andrew Bowker’s LinkedIn page gathers all this and more. He’s a senior product manager at IBM. 

Andrew gives many career tips, talks about side hustle, shares his knowledge on product management, and gives tips on how to build your own product. 

Moe Ali

The CEO of Product Faculty is very popular on the platform as well. He helps established product manager advance their skills by giving them insights and tips. He talks about metrics, strategy, product growth, experimentation, and product management. 

Moe talks about many hot topics, gives advice on how to grow your startup and build your career in product further. 

Paweł Huryn

Let’s talk about another LinkedIn powerhouse: Paweł Huryn. He helps organisations build great products and strong product teams. Paweł talks on topics such as agile, Scrum, leadership, product ownership, and product management. You’ll be able to find book recommendations, insights from his experience in the field, how to do Scrum (properly), tips on how to have successful startups, and many more other topics. Learn from one of the best!

Nir Eyal

You’ve definitely heard of Nir Eyal, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of "Hooked" (that we have reviewed, you can check it here) and "Indistractable." 

Nir is an investor, consultant, and public speaker. He publishes several content about start-ups, motivation, technology, entrepreneurship, and personal development. We particularly love Nir’s profile because he also posts a lot of videos which make his content very enjoyable and easier to understand. 

Scott Belsky

Product obsessed Scott Belsky is another name to follow. 

He’s an entrepreneur, author, investor, currently working as a chief product officer at Adobe and the executive VP at creative cloud. You’ve also probably heard of Behance. In 2006, Scott founded the leading online platform for the creative industry to showcase and discover creative world, and served as CEO until Adobe acquired Behance in 2012. 

Scott updates his LinkedIn very often with tips and advice on several trending topics and by contributing to hot topics with his opinions. He specialises in problem-solving and decision-making. 

Felix Watson Jr.

Product manager at Google, Felix is passionate about connecting product managers to help them grow. He does this through his online PM community and his talks at many events.  He first started his career in product at Microsoft back in 2017 before joining Google.

He has developed products for companies ranging from startups to large enterprises.

Felix has almost 30k followers and shares mostly about his masterclasses and planned talks, and gives advice from his work experience. 

John Marty

With the brightest smile on his face, John Marty is on a mission to help everyone solve their work-related problems. 

He has been the founder of Axxis Audio for 10 years, an electronics company that grew to multi-million dollar sales. After selling it, John Marty hit rock bottom and was penny-less at 31 year old. That led him to taking a job at Best Buy for $12 an hour while joining a 6-month software development boot camp. 

Shortly after, things started looking brighter as the now popular product influencer started working as a senior product manager at American Express before joining Amazon. He now makes his mission to help others find clarity, meaning, and happiness in their careers and lives. 

Tom Emrich

Tom is a pioneer in augmented reality, virtual reality and wearable technology. He’s considered as one of the most influential people in wearables, AR & VR in the world. If you’re into AR, he’s definitely the one to follow. Tim was listed as one of LinkedIn's Top Voices in Technology. 

He has extensive knowledge and experience as a venture capitalist, product manager, journalist, consultant and community builder. He’s sometimes referred to as the man from the future.  

John Cutler

Have you heard of John Cutler before? He describes himself as a product evangelist and works as a coach at Amplitude. He says that he loves wrangling complex problems and answering the why with qual/quant data. 

We love his LinkedIn profile because John is very active on it. He started his career in product back in 2006. He worked as a product manager and a UX researcher in different companies.  He gives many advice and tips from his over a decade of experience and extensive knowledge of the product management world.

Sam Crowell Richard

Sam is the VP of Open View. She is a product-led growth expert and a product-driven growth manager. Sam’s goal is to help make product-led growth popular. She also posts a lot of best practices in SaaS. 

You’ll love Sam’s LinkedIn posts because she uses many metaphors, with hilarious memes, and TikTok videos. 

Sanjana Murali

Sanjana was named one of the “10 Indian SaaS Marketers you must watch on LinkedIn”. She describes herself as an extroverted introvert. 

Sanjana specialises in product marketing, inbound - lead generation through content, videos, influencer marketing & brand marketing.  She also gets invited to many events as a speaker. She’s definitely one to follow! 

Sumit Singh

Sumit is the ​​CEO at Chewy and talks about innovation, leadership and technology, almost on a daily basis. He has over 20 years of global leadership experience spanning e-commerce, technology, retail and logistics in companies such as Amazon and Dell. Very often, Sumit does talks at industry events and academic institutions, talking all things e-commerce, customer-centricity, leadership and workplace culture. 

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