Novable: doing things right from the start

Find out how we helped Novable test and validate assumptions, define their target persona, and put the proper product management practices in place from the beginning.

About the client

Novable is an innovative AI-powered match-making technology designed to help companies find startups that meet their needs and requirements.

Laurent Kinet and Olivier Beaujean founded Novable to use artificial intelligence sourcing to help companies find innovative solutions.

With a headquarters in the heart of Brussels, Belgium, Novable has provided advanced software and dedicated analyst reviews since its inception in 2019.

Laurent Kinet, the co-founder of Novable, presents his concept as follows:

"Databases and linking exist, but today, it is done traditionally, without structure or technology”. Until now, companies looking for solutions had little choice: B2B events, subscriptions to a database platform, consulting… The exact search requested by two different companies will give the same results. “

Novable offers corporate clients an ultra-precise sourcing platform thanks to algorithms crawling the websites of startups and machine learning based on a written brief.

"Novable combines two keywords for us: “enable” and “innovation” that’s what we do.”

Laurent Kinet and Olivier Beaujean, co-founders of Novable

The background story

The founders of Novable are real serial entrepreneurs and investors. They know how important it is to start right and implement successful practices from the beginning.

They contacted dualoop to implement product management best practices and correctly shape the organisation. The founders knew the importance of doing things right and maximising their market impact. When we joined, Novable already had a minimum viable product and a couple of strong customers.

We were thrilled to jump on board and help them start strong.

CEO of dualoop, Timoté Geimer, began working as a fractional CPO at Novable to structure their product department, refine their target persona, validate their assumptions, and conduct qualitative research. Timoté established the fundamental framework for product management, following which Yifan, a dualoop consultant, joined Novable once the team was prepared to take the next step.

Timoté gradually transitioned out of Novable, but continued to serve as a trusted advisor to the company. In contrast, the other looper remained with Novable for over a year.

The solution

Upon dualoop's engagement with Novable, our immediate focus centred on implementing appropriate product practices, conducting thorough user research, rigorously testing and validating assumptions, and refining their target persona.

This entailed conducting discovery, delivery, prioritization, and go-to-market initiatives, driving transformation across the entire organization, participating in critical decision-making processes such as pricing and strategy, aligning stakeholders around the product strategy, steering initiatives, defining quarterly objectives, and structuring the Product Management, engineering, and data teams. We’e utilized a dual-track agile approach, integrated, and streamlined processes to sustain product management activities effectively.

Other critical responsibilities encompassed discovering, testing, implementing and enhancing various methods to augment the quality of companies delivered and the information users require to evaluate them.


Novable was determined to establish a robust foundation for their product management practices from the outset, and they sought our guidance to achieve this goal.

Leveraging in-depth user research, dualoop helped Novable fine-tune their target persona and validate critical assumptions, laying the groundwork for future success. The leadership team at Novable was highly impressed with the unwavering commitment of dualoop to the project and the exceptional results delivered.

In summary, Novable's collaboration with dualoop proved to be an excellent decision right from the start. With dualoop's expert guidance and support, Novable could effectively implement the right product management practices, streamline their organizational structure, and define the ideal target persona.

This partnership underscores the significance of seeking professional guidance to ensure the success of business ventures. Today, dualoop continues to serve as a trusted advisor to Novable, and we are immensely proud of their accomplishments.


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