Nodalview: how to transform a product organisation

Learn how we completely transformed all product practices at Nodalview and went to an autonomous, empowered product organization.

About Nodalview

A revolutionary startup transforming the real estate market

Nodalview is a startup changing how people search for their dream homes. The team aims to improve the buying experience for real estate agents and make independent agents more competitive in the industry.

Thomas, the co-founder and CEO of Nodalview, states that:

"Now is the best moment for real estate agents to focus on their performance, the digital tools they're using, and take real estate transactions into the 21st century.”

Currently, Nodalview has 4000 customers, operates in 35 countries, and it's a team of around 80 people, most based in Belgium.

The challenge

Hurdles on the Path to Growth

Nodalview needed help building the product organisation and scaling the organisation to sustain their growth ambition. Like every quickly growing startup, Nodalview has faced some organizational challenges. Those were inevitable due to the company's speedy growth.

The team consisted of highly skilled and experienced professionals. However, the method that had been working for a long time suddenly stopped working,

"[...] There was a mix of all people working together, and it worked for a while. It was fast. But once they reached that limit, the delivery slowed, and the quality suffered. The change in how people work together was needed.” -Timoté, the CEO at dualoop

"Finding a CPO is hard, takes time, and requires specific expertise. Scoping cross-functional teams across three platforms was tricky. So, we've decided to seek expertise and assistance from dualoop, and we've been working successfully ever since. It gives us peace of mind that we are tackling the right things and not working a bit on everything simultaneously.” -Thomas, the CEO and co-founder at Nodalview.

The solution

Scaling Solutions and Product Development Expertise

During our collaboration with Nodalview, dualoop played a crucial role in the development of their product organization. We worked closely with the team to refine their roles and responsibilities, accelerate the delivery of their products without compromising on quality, and establish consistent internal communication protocols.

With this new approach, Nodalview was able to streamline its processes and improve overall performance, empowering team members to perform at their best.

This result was possible thanks to our collaborative effort to achieve growth and structure and enhance internal knowledge sharing, with an eye always on the customers.

As Thomas, CEO and co-founder at Nodalview, said:

"[...] What can we do to bring even more value to our customers? That's what we are currently tackling with dualoop. We don't want to ship features and add innovation that won't be used.” -Thomas, CEO and co-founder at Nodalview."

Bring the knowledge in-house and empower the existing team

We took several strategic steps to pursue our objective, including dividing the team into smaller, self-directed squads. We remained to empower our product team and foster a vibrant product culture throughout this process.

In just six months of collaboration with Nodalview, we successfully established a robust foundation for product management at Nodalview. This involved adding skilled product managers to our team and splitting into multiple product teams.

Empowering the existing team

Step 1: Observation and seniority

After comprehensively analysing Nodalview's product, personnel, culture, and team dynamics, we identified a key opportunity to enhance its product management capabilities: adding a senior product manager to work alongside Anna, Nodalview's existing product manager.

By collaborating closely, the two product managers combined their expertise and experience, with Anna gaining valuable insights and knowledge. This proved to be a successful partnership: Anna could learn and grow until Nodalview was ready to split into two teams, enabling us to expand further with additional resources.

To ensure a clear and structured approach, we developed meticulously detailed role descriptions with specific objectives and initiated a thorough documentation process.

These crucial steps helped to facilitate the initial division of the team into multiple product teams and build a scalable organisation. It was a crucial step to fulfil our holistic approach; we not only focus on product management but also on design, QA, engineering, product marketing and any other function interacting in the product development lifecycle.

As Timoté said:

"[...] With teams A and B, you can go to C, D, E, etc. Now, it's just a matter of having enough resources because we know how to do it. We know what we did is working and what communication, enhancement and challenges are." - Timoté, CEO at dualoop.

Step 2: Design practice

To fulfil our holistic approach, it was essential also to restructure the product design organisation.  We focused on three specific aspects: role definition, skills internalisation and design system.

Timoté Geimer notices that:

"[...] Dualoop has a rather holistic approach. We are a product management consultancy company, but we don't do only product management. When we work with a company, we look at the full picture: design, QA, engineering, product marketing, etc."

Roles & work organisation definition

Alongside our effort to document the product management practice, we applied the same logic to the design part of the organisation. We defined the roles and job descriptions to support Nodalview’s organisation.

We also defined the product design vision and strategy and how the product trio (Product Manager, Product Designer & Lead Product engineer) should work at Nodalview.

Skills Internalisation

Once we had set up the foundation of the product design organisation and were sure it was working as expected, we recruited a senior product designer to join Nodalview on a permanent basis. This allowed us to ensure that all our know-how would stay in the organisation at the end of our assignment. We later recruited a second product manager to sustain the company's growth.

Design System implementation

Building a design system is an essential piece that helps any organisation scale its design practice while ensuring a high level of consistency and affordance across an entire product and beyond. Given Nodalview’s context, it was an obvious decision.

Timoté Geimer, the CEO of dualoop, highlights:

"[...] It was extraordinary, reaching that level of quality with no internal designer. At Nodalview, there were a lot of hidden designers: the mobile team was attracted by design. They liked high-quality things and designed the whole mobile application without any support. But if you wanted to scale the product organization, we also had to build a way to scale the design organization."


Internal Updates and Information Flow

At the pace Nodalview was growing, there were many changes and updates. We've worked on establishing an internal communication plan, meeting schedule, and newsletter to communicate essential aspects and changes.

Timoté Geimer highlights:

"Now, it's just a matter of having enough resources because we know how to do it. We can now estimate that more easily to anticipate the budget and growth."


Nodalview's Product Development and Organizational Success

We’ve empowered teams at Nodalview and reduced operational hurdles. This approach shaped the product teams, improving scalability and accelerating delivery. Dualoop also strengthened Nodalview's pillars and associated products, successfully addressing clients' challenges with effective solutions.

Our revamped organizational changes have enabled a better understanding of the product team's role. As a result, the team's outstanding work and remarkable impact have earned them three recognition awards at Nodalview!

Strategic Tactics for Nodalview's Product Development and Growth

Dualoop employed effective tactics to help Nodalview streamline its product development process and bolster organizational growth.

This included individual coaching sessions, group training and practice reviews, custom product communication tools, and working sessions with different teams.

Weekly check-ins, documentation systemization, and continuous discovery practices were also implemented. Additionally, the Dualoop prioritization quadrant and were utilized to help Nodalview stay ahead of the competition.


It was an incredible journey with outstanding outcomes. Of course, no road to success goes without any bumps. We've faced several challenges along the way with Nodalview. We've had to step back a few times and approach the challenge differently, observe and learn how to improve.

Undoubtedly, the results speak volumes:

  • Doubled the number of autonomous customer flows
  • Enhanced Nodalview's velocity and product delivery capacity
  • Revolutionized decision-making with systematic incorporation of facts and data
  • Significantly improved stakeholder management and communication flows
  • Simplified pricing and packaging
  • Shifted focus from output-driven to outcome-driven, delivering value while achieving business objectives

We strengthened Nodalview's product pillars through a consistent and robust product strategy.


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