Rocket Day speaker #4: Niels Peetermans

It’s time for speaker number four! We’re very excited to introduce you to Niels Peetermans, co-founder of Qallo and formerly COO of Poppy & JANE by Belfius. Niels will join us in Brussels on 6th of May to talk about “A product journey: from tech to supplement”. 

Who is Niels?

Niels is a Belgian entrepreneur who studied in Hasselt in business engineering. He loves cycling. Niels doesn't shy away from high-stake challenges and recently did an ultra bike ride of over 500km/310miles in 24 hours. He's pushing boundaries between traditional sports and gaming, by bringing (olympic medallist) coaches together with Esport teams. You can often find him on his skateboard or in the LoL Rift, both with highly varying success. He's always complaining that he is too tall for achieving the full planche in calisthenics. Rumour says he holds the crypto wallet with the highest returns of his team at Qallo.

Niels recently got into drawing and illustrating after always being hugely impressed by people who are able to draw and illustrate.

Niels describes himself as a serial entrepreneur. Fair enough. Our speaker co-founded in 2015, which is a virtual event networking website, and was the managing partner of the platform for over two years. He then co-founded Poppy mobility in 2017, a very popular shared mobility platform, and was the chief operating officer for almost two years. 

His next adventure was to help seniors by providing smart home solutions. He achieved that by being a venture builder for Jane for almost a year in 2019. Niels has been the investor and board member of atlasnine, partner for growth of B2C companies, for almost two years from 2019.

Today, he is the managing partner of Honey Badger Ventures and the co-founder of Qallo.

What is Qallo?

Qallo was founded by three entrepreneurs from Antwerp: Alexander Van Laer, Niels Peetermans, and Moos Tits in July 2020. The Qallo brand offers a whole range of food supplements and performance nutrition to help digital warriors always stay in their best shape. Qallo’s products were researched and produced in Belgium and aim to refuel energy, stay hydrated and improve concentration . Its products empower digital professionals to always stay in their best shape and help them reach their full potential. 

The target audience of Qallo are gamers, entrepreneurs, digital workers, poker players, traders, digital artists, and many more. Many people use food supplements to always be in shape and top form. Qallo seeks to adapt its offer by providing personalised and different products to different target groups. 

They have recently made a deal with Decathlon. You can now buy their products in their stores. Qallo has skyrocketed pretty quickly and became an established brand today. They’ve got several lines titled QFocus, QSleep, QFlex or Qenergy for example. Head over to their website to learn more about their offers. 

His motto

Every big achievement is the result of a multitude of small actions.

About the event

The Rocket Day event  on the 6th of May is our first-ever event to empower the product people community. Our event will feature aspiring product leaders who will be speaking on a range of challenging topics around their craft. It will be a valuable and impactful experience to skyrocket your product management career. 

The event will occur at our headquarters, 350 Avenue Louise, 8th Floor in 1050 Brussels. You’ll also be able to follow it online. RSVP here to attend it in-person or online to get all the information about it

The good news? It’s totally free!

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