Rocket Day speaker #2: Mehdi Boudoukhane

Another day, another announcement! Today is the time to meet our second speaker, Mehdi Boudoukhane, co-founder & CEO at Cycle. He lives in Paris and is passionate about all things product. Mehdi will give us a talk about “The paradox of Dogfooding”. 

Who is Mehdi?

Mehdi has a very solid background. He holds two master's degrees in engineering from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the University of Glasgow. He also holds another master’s in management from the Vlerick Business School. 

He launched Cycle in 2019.

What is Cycle?

Mehdi Boudoukhane launched Cycle in 2019 with Benoit Epopi to help product-centric teams ship stuff people need. It’s an all-in-one tool dedicated to product-centric teams.

With Cycle, Mehdi and Benoit have created a new way to explore, prioritise, plan, write specs, deliver as a team, and communicate with stakeholders and clients. As a result, product teams can finally manage their entire product workflow in one place. 

They revisited product management from the ground up. Creating a new way to explore, prioritise, plan, write specs, deliver as a team, and communicate with stakeholders and clients. 

Cycled introduced an all-in-one framework for product-centric teams. The app has revolutionised the way products are being built. With Cycle, your team can work together and focus on shipping stuff people need. All from a neat, collaborative space. Cycle is a horizontal platform made of flexible building blocks usable in customisable workflows. They built Cycle so that product teams could collaborate on how that works for them.

The company's platform offers workflow management, feedback management, custom forms, prioritisation matrix, customer support, team integration, a feedback loop, multiplayer editing, and real-time engagement, enabling businesses to explore, prioritise, plan, deliver and communicate with their clients.

His motto?

"The important thing is not to stop questioning" 

About the event

On the 6th of May, the Rocket Day event is our first-ever event to empower the product people community. Our event will feature aspiring product leaders who will be speaking on a range of challenging topics around their craft. It will be a valuable and impactful experience to skyrocket your product management career. 

The event will occur at our headquarters, 350 Avenue Louise, 8th Floor in 1050 Brussels. You’ll also be able to follow it online. RSVP here to attend it in-person or online to get all the information about it.

The good news? It’s totally free!

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