Rocket Day speaker #1: Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx

We’re excited to introduce you to our first speaker of the event, Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx! Sebastiaan will join us for our Rocket Day on the 6th of May and talk about “Winning by design: the power of a systematic approach.”


Sebastiaan grew up in a small town in Flanders called Noorderwijk. He moved to Leuven for his studies and is now living in Antwerp for the past 8 years. He graduated from Thomas More University in 2014 as an Interactive Multimedia Designer and immediately started Campr in 2014.

Campr is an online community for people to list, explore, and book private and alternative campsites worldwide. It’s basically Airbnb for camping. It allows people to rediscover their love for the outdoors and camp through a local's eyes. He later sold the company in 2019. 

About Sebastiaan

We’ve got a talented man in our midsts! In his free time, Sebastiaan is a musician and music festival organiser. He plays drums in a punk band called Captain Kaiser, and he organises a small rock festival in the Summer called Kaiser Fest. Music is his passion, but he also likes to ride his bike. He has a racing bike and will climb Mont Ventoux this Summer!

He is the co-founder, managing director, and product designer of PandaPanda. Besides that, he is also the product design lead at Nodalview and a community advocate of Flanders for Figma. Additionally, Sebastiaan teaches Figma online at PandaPanda Academy and hosts a YouTube channel. 

What is PandaPanda?

PandaPanda is a digital product studio working for tech startups and scaleups. It’s a small group of experienced designers and developers based in Antwerp, Belgium who have been active since 2015. They create solutions for business problems companies can face. They specialise in building digital products - web & mobile apps - with a focus on creating value for business. 

His motto

IIWII - “It Is What It Is”

About the event

The Rocket Day event  on the 6th of May is our first-ever event to empower the product people community. Our event will feature aspiring product leaders who will be speaking on a range of challenging topics around their craft. It will be a valuable and impactful experience to skyrocket your product management career. 

The event will occur at our headquarters, 350 Avenue Louise, 8th Floor in 1050 Brussels. You’ll also be able to follow it online. RSVP here to attend it in-person or online to get all the information about it.

The good news? It’s totally free!

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