Interview: How Is It Being A Talent Scout At dualoop?

It's a beautiful sunny day at the office. Just kidding. It’s never sunny here in Brussels. The smell coming from the coffee machine fills the room. Some people complain about the dishes not being washed from a distance. But that gets fixed real quick. I asked Tara, our talent scout, to have a little chat about her time at dualoop. I wanted to talk to her about how her time at dualoop has been. She was the first one that interviewed me for dualoop, and she made me love the company right away. She's leaving dualoop for new horizons as she will focus on personal projects. On her way to me, she stumbles on that little bump behind her desk. "I will definitely miss that bump. Or maybe not actually".

Few weeks ago, I was thrilled to talk with Tara. Since January, she's been with us and was our first talent scout in our startup. "Joining dualoop at its beginning and being part of this project, being the first talent scout, was very motivating. It was quite exciting," Tara says. "And to see everything being put in place and see how fast we were growing was very satisfying," she adds. 


Getting to know Tara

I'm always excited to discover how people work. What do they do all day long? What are their day-to-day activities? Tara is still very fresh in the business. She worked in recruitment for two years before joining us. She was eager to learn more and gain more experience. She found the opportunity to do that in dualoop.


What's a typical day?

She starts every day with a morning meeting with her team. "It's a great way to start the day,” she says. "We discuss what we have achieved the day before and what we're planning to do the same day." After her morning meeting with her team, she proceeds to talk to her candidates and have meetings with them. Tara is devoted to her candidates. "I spend most of my day talking to candidates over the phone in order to get to know them and see if dualoop would be a great fit for them," Tara says.


The dualoop atmosphere

I can clearly tell that Tara loves working at a startup. "I think, in this business, it's really the people you work with that make the difference. The internal staff is composed of great people," Tara says. "There's a really cool startup atmosphere that makes it easy to work". She questions herself about what makes the difference in dualoop and then adds "what makes the difference at dualoop… I would say the way we position ourselves in the market. The fact that dualoop specialises solely in product management, it's something very particular".


How things changed since covid restrictions have been lifted

As dualoop was born during COVID times, it took us some time to get an office. However, in February, when restrictions related to remote working were lifted, we could finally work in an office. "I started working at dualoop fully remotely. A month ago, we finally had an office here in Brussels. The atmosphere is great, and everyone is motivated. It's been really fun being part of the startup at this stage of its development," she says. Tara enjoys being back in an office. "It hasn't been hard going back to an office. It's actually good to go back, especially for human contact. It's important to have relationships with colleagues," she adds. However, that's not the only thing! "We also have two gorgeous office dogs from time to time, and I get to walk them outside sometimes. They're adorable".


Working at dualoop

Sometimes you don't have the opportunity to evolve in your job. Tara begs to differ with her experience at dualoop. "I learned and improved a lot in such a short amount of time. I learned a lot from Alexis Nassar, for example, our lead business manager. He's very experienced and talented, and he taught me a lot". 

As I mentioned, Tara had two years of experience in recruitment before joining dualoop. Working in startups is the new cool, and Tara agrees with that. "Working in a startup is really exciting to me. You grow along with the company, and there is so much to learn from that experience. We also have a strong set of values that I am deeply aligned with—our willingness to have a real impact, for example. We are ambitious but humble. And we learn continuously," she adds.

Tara has always been ambitious. "I loved working at dualoop because it was the right place for me to become a bit better every day," she says. And that's what she says to her candidates when she does her interviews. "For me, it's not only what the candidate will bring to the company, but also about what the company will bring to them." 


New horizons

Even though she's sad to leave dualoop, Tara is also very excited to start her own project. "I thought it was the time. I'm still very young, so I wanted to give it a chance," she says. "I'm really grateful to have been part of this adventure. In a sense, working at dualoop actually awakened an independence feeling. At least for now". We will definitely miss her. But at the same time, we're also very glad to have helped Tara grow in an environment she enjoyed, with people she loved interacting with.

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