Call for speakers for dualoop Product Apéro

About Product Apéro

Welcome to Product Apéro! We're all about bringing together the bright minds in the product world – from managers and designers to owners and product aficionados.

We are hosting our events in our dualoop office, located in the heart of Brussels, and we aim to create a go-to spot for product managers. Sparking connections, sharing wisdom, and facilitating discussions that matter.

Our mission?

To knit a close product community, where sharing and growth go hand in hand!

Be our next speaker

Are you passionate about product?

We're on the lookout for voices like yours to lead the conversation at our next Product Apéro.

Whether your passion lies in B2B management, strategy, discovery, or the nitty-gritty of product org structures – we're all ears. Dive deep into your area of expertise and spotlight the topics you're passionate about. This is your platform to shine and shape the product conversation.

What's in it for you?

Share Your Insights

Make an impact by sharing your unique perspective and fostering knowledge growth. By sharing your unique insights and experiences, you're contributing to a collective pool of knowledge and inspiring growth.

Expand Your Circle

It's your opportunity to mingle, connect, and forge meaningful relationships with peers who share your passion. Whether it's finding a mentor, meeting potential collaborators, or discovering new friends, the connections you make here can open doors to exciting opportunities and collaborations.

Join the Community

Get to know everyone in our product community closer, and be the first to hear about the upcoming events, insights, training, and a whole lot more.

Our expectations

Passionate about product management? We've got a spot for you. Whether you're a seasoned Senior Product Manager or a visionary CPO, we value diversity in perspectives. What we seek most is someone who can captivate and educate our audience. Show us what makes you the speaker we can't miss.

The format

Expect to deliver a 25-minute keynote, followed by a fireside chat with Timoté Geimer, CEO of dualoop. During or after the fireside chat, we''ll have time for audience questions.

Previous events

During previous events, we had a chance to host such amazing speakers as Thomas Lepelaars, co-founder and CEO at Nodalview, Myriam Broeders, CTO at Microsoft, Christel Simons, Senior product manager at Spotify.

Upcoming dates

Our monthly Product Apéros run till summer, offering you numerous chances to step into the spotlight. Check out our schedule for available dates.

  • April 18th, Thursday
  • May 16th, Thursday
  • June 27th, Thursday


Fantastic! We're eager to hear from you. Fill out our speaker form, and let's get it going.

Expect a follow-up within 5 business days, leading to a 30 minutes chat with Timoté Geimer, CEO at dualoop, to fine-tune your talk.

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