100 Product Management Blogs You Should Follow In 2023

What’s the easiest way to stay up to date on what’s happening and what’s changing in the product management world? Some like watching videos, following webinars, reading books, or listening to podcasts. I believe product management blogs are a very efficient way to stay on the field’s cutting edge.

Below, I’ve put together a list of the best of the 100 blogs that every product manager or aspiring product manager should be following, in no particular order. Their articles will give you the latest news of the product management world and will teach you new things, give you great insights, give you tools to tackle challenges, a better understanding of the field, and many valuable lessons. Don’t forget to bookmark the ones you’re interested in.

1. Silicon Valley Product Group Insights Blog

This blog made up of industry veterans is the holy grail for product managers. It has been launched by Marty Cagan, who is the biggest reference in the area. Before SVPG, he was responsible for developing and managing brands such as HP or eBay.

Besides their blog that tackles everything related to product, they’ve got an interesting newsletter and an extensive community that publishes books around the best practices and news in the product management world. It’s one blog you should bookmark and check regularly.

2. Bring The Donuts

There’s no way you haven’t heard of Ken Norton if you’re into product management. Ken launched Bring the Donuts in 2005 when he was a product manager at Google. He is now an established product leadership coach, speaker, and writer with a solid reputation in the business.

Head over to Bring The Donuts to read about the knowledge and experience from one of the best in the business through his insights and many interesting articles.

3. Mind the product

Creators of Mind the product describe their platform as the world's largest community of product people. Created by the team of product Tank, they provide product people with a variety of quality content on issues and challenges in the product world. They also organize several meetups, training, and conferences worldwide for product managers.

Besides their blog, MTP also has a slack community that will allow you to dive into the world of PMs, exchange about challenges you face, and have a conversation with a big community of product managers.

4. Product Talk

In this blog, product Development coach Teresa Torres, amongst other contributors, will help you with anything related to building your product. It’s a great resource for product managers, UX designers, etc. She says it’s essential to understand your customers and users better, and the use of data in your decisions is critical. She puts a lot of emphasis on always following your customer’s journey with the product and curiosity around your product.


5. The Product Management Blog by the Product School

Founded in 2014, the blog of the product School became a huge classic for anyone working in product development and looking for valuable resources for their career. They’re helping anyone who wants to become a product manager with the best resources. Their blog is filled with insights and lessons from the best of the tech world and is an excellent source for any aspiring product manager.


6. Reforge Blog

Great minds from Facebook, Google, or Stripe, for example, contribute to the blog on Reforge’s website. This blog is packed with informative articles illustrated with real-life examples to help you understand complicated concepts and situations.

They’ve also got several product courses that you should check out.


7. Product Coalition

Product coalition hosts the world's largest independent product management community and has more than one million annual readers. This blog filled with diverse editorial content from different perspectives will help you better understand product management issues. You should also definitely check out their podcast with more than 10,0000 followers and join their slack community with more than 7,000 members.

8. 280 Group product management blog

280group, one of the world’s leading product management training and consulting firms for 20 years, has a blog to keep you updated with trends about product management, product marketing, and agile best practices that keep evolving every day. Their blog is updated very often so, you’ll be able to discover new stuff frequently.

Make sure also to check their free stuff section for many valuable resources!

9. Product Management Meets Pop Culture

What better way to learn more about product management than pop culture? Chris Cummings dives into product management topics by illustrating them in a fun and creative way. He offers insights, practical advice, and tips in a fun, witty, entertaining, and imaginative way. Improve your product management by learning through marvel comics, music, and movies.

Make sure also to check his podcast and interviews with product managers on his website.

10. Department of Product

The Department of product is a global educational institution that aims to help product managers, product teams, and technology professionals better their careers by acquiring new skills.

Their website provides many practical tools, training programs, free resources such as product roadmaps or product guides. In addition, It has a blog and newsletter to further your knowledge of trendy product management topics on what it means to build products today. Their blog is filled with how-tos, templates, advice, and tips. I particularly love the illustrations they use on every single article. It’s a joy to navigate through their blog!

11. Chisel Blog

Chisel is an affordable platform created to help product managers manage the full agile product management cycle. Their tool helps understand the customer’s needs, and it balances the three dimensions of product management: product roadmapping, team alignment, & customer connection.

The blog they have titled In pursuit of product Excellence is packed with interesting articles around product management, product roadmap, product strategy, customer experience, agile, user research, etc.

12. Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen is very talented at simplifying complex terms and topics on his blog. He is a general partner at a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz. His position consists in investing in consumer startups. He has been writing for over a decade about everything product-related, especially product growth. His essays available on his blog are very engaging and compelling.

He also writes books. You should undoubtedly check his latest book, The Cold Start Problem which is about the secret that drives many of tech’s most successful products.

13. Lenny Rachitsky

Rachitsky is an ex-product manager and product Lead at Airbnb and is considered one of the most innovative people in digital product. His seven-year experience at Airbnb made him a very respected leader in the area of product growth.

Now, he is known for his weekly (paid) / monthly (free) newsletter titled Lenny’s Newsletter. His newsletter page is enjoyable to read advises on building something people want, does interviews with interesting people from the industry, and dives deep into several topics.

14. Nirandfar

Nir Eyal’s blog is a definite must-read. He has a very good way with words and a different approach to enlightening you on various topics. His posts contain a lot of content relating to consumer psychology, tips on designing better products, time management, etc. He talks about how digital products are becoming more addicting, such as Netflix using the auto-play function after each play that gets the customer hooked on the app.

His bestselling book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products is also a must-read if you’re looking to maximise customer engagement. You can also find some of his work on Medium.

15. Exponent

Exponent is a platform helping thousands of people prepare for an interview. They provide courses and planning in the matter.

In their blog, they provide a lot of tips on how to start your career in product management and guides on how to sharpen your product management skills and be the best at your job. So, if you’re kickstarting your career, make sure to navigate through their numerous articles for aspiring product managers.

16. The Phrase

The Phrase is a platform sharing helpful content for localisation and product people. Especially if you’re looking for tips and updates on everything related to localisation, you should bookmark this blog. Their articles go straight to the point, are very informative yet simple, and delightful to read.

17. Hubspot

Hubspot is a product & engineering blog. My favourite thing about their blog is the interviews where they put a partner or customer under the spotlight. They also have the How I Got Into Tech series, where product managers share their PM experience. It’s a fantastic blog if you’re looking to read about the industry directly from those who run it.

18. The Accidental product manager

Jim Anderson’s PM blog is a must-read for all product managers. The Accidental product manager blog makes its mission to turn you into a wildly successful product manager by providing help and guidance in building and managing your product. He gives insightful advice on becoming the best product manager you can be. Anderson does many cases studies and provides solutions and advice for tackling problems.

19. Product Anonymous

Product Anonymous is an Australian-based product community in Melbourne. They organise monthly events for product managers in the area to socialise, meet other people, gather and discuss various topics on product management. Think of it as a slack community, but in real life.

For many years, community members have been publishing insightful articles on the website since 2011 to be entirely correct, and I think you should check them out.

20. The Product Guy

Jeremy Horn has an outstanding trajectory in product management and has started successful start-ups and worked in a much larger organisation throughout his award-winning career.

On his blog, he updates every week, shares many insights from his work experience, and gives much knowledgeable advice on how to deal with several topics. He’s willing to share his knowledge with you, and you can learn a lot from his 20+ years of experience in product management and leading product teams.

21. Toptal

Toptal is a network of the world's top talent in business, design, and technology. The Toptal product Blog is full of many product management analyses, case studies, and topics-related content written by product managers at the Toptal network.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for their weekly newsletter to stay updated about the product world.

22. Price Intelligently

Price Intelligently, by ProfitWell, is a value-based pricing strategy platform that helps subscription and SaaS companies get their pricing strategy right with data. They publish data, articles, and commentary about the latest trends in the subscription world with exclusive analyses from different experts in the field. You should definitely visit this blog if you’re aiming for subscription growth.

23. UserVitals

Want to learn more about things product? Broaden your horizons? Discover new tools? Then you should definitely follow UserVitals’ blog about how to build great products. They’ll teach you how to efficiently collect customer feedback and build outstanding products with the help of a user-centric management process.

They provide advice on what SaaS tools to use, what slack community to join, how to write a good changelog, what podcasts to listen to, the best products in the industry you should feel inspired by, and many more things to help you be updated about what’s going on in the product world.

24. Johanna Rothman

Johanna Rothman is a consultant, author, and speaker who owns the Rothman Consulting Group, Inc., her own business. Her business focuses on helping companies who have trouble managing their product development and software projects.

She has three blogs. If you’re a product manager, you’ll be interested in her blog Managing Product Development. In there, she talks about all aspects of product management. She writes for people who want to think about how they manage people, projects, and risks.

You can also check her two other blogs. The second one is about advice on how to hire people and the other one is about having an adaptable life. They’re both very interesting to read as she shares insightful content from her own experiences.

25. Productboard Blog

Need help with a challenge you’re facing? Then head over to Productboard to look for help. Their platform tackles many challenges product managers face in their day-to-day activities. In their blog, they deep dive into numerous PM topics and give various lessons on becoming a better product manager. An essential blog you should bookmark.

26. HackerNoon

What makes HackerNoon so interesting is the variety of their writers. Besides their staff of writers, the website also takes contributions from experts from the industry and many talented product managers. The variety of writers results in interesting articles covering different topics from bitcoin, tech, and geopolitics, to lean product management and the future of cloud services. Make sure to check our very own Tim’s articles out on the platform.

27. Roman Pichler’s blog

The popular expert product manager Roman Pichler has been in the business for over 20 years. He has got several training courses, books, podcasts, etc. On his blog, he provides several tips on digital product management and topics like leadership and people skills, Discovery, Agile, Scrum, product backlog, product roadmap, UX, and many other topics.

28. Pragmatic Institute

Besides the rich insights and ideas shared on product management and product marketing, the Pragmatic Institute’s blog is packed with reports, surveys, webinars, and ebooks on many product topics.

29. The Review from First Round

Starting in 2013, The Review gathers nearly 500 resourceful articles today. They give excellent tips on customer feedback, building the best products, or data management. Interviews, templates, books, podcasts… they’ve got a vibrant collection of resources that will help you solve many problems.

30. The Product Folks

Product Folks’ blog is one of my favourites because of the richness of its content. The blog flourishes with original content such as their ask me anything series where they interview industry specialists on different topics. Their articles and resources around product management topics are worth a read.

31. Product Management Unpacked

Leading practitioners & thought leaders share their ideas and best practices on Carnegie Mellon University’s Product Management Unpacked blog. They tackle topics from project management careers to product management education and skills.

I love their series about a day in the life of a product manager. They show the responsibilities and activities of a product manager in a very well-illustrated manner.

32. Hunter Walk

Previously a led consumer product management at YouTube, Hunter Walk is now working for Homebrew. He joined Google in 2003, so he has a lot to say about product management in the digital era.

He gives many lessons on how to have a better work-life balance, handle different work-related challenges, and excel at your job by providing a lot of examples of things he has dealt with from his own life and experience.

33. Medium’s Product Management tag

Medium is a very popular blog platform giving a voice to undiscovered talented writers, expert opinions, and dynamic thinking. Many of your favourite product managers probably contribute to the website. With over 25,000 writers and 60,000 stories, medium’s product management section is one of the wealthiest places for product managers, full of creative and helpful content. With topics from UX to design, testimonials to agile, value design to leadership, this website is packed with compelling content.

34. Product Management Today

Product Management Today hosts a large number of experts that share their insights about many product management topics, such as product marketing, branding, testing, product strategy, agile, customer communication, leadership, user experience, and marketing. There’s always new content coming from a wide variety of industry leaders. The website is easy to navigate, has content for every interest, and provides an abundance of information.

You can also sign up to get articles personalised to your interests. If you want to go a bit further, I love the free webinars and e-books/guides they provide in their resources section.


35. Inside Intercom

Intercom’s blog covers topics from product management to marketing, customer support, or even design. Many insights, tips, lessons, and interviews with experts are shared regularly. Their articles often include refreshing designs and graphs to illustrate their topic.

Make sure to also check their podcasts and books for a deeper dive into anything product management-related.

36. Proficientz

Proficientz has it all. From articles, best practices, tips to videos, FAQs, and more. It’s a blog I consider essential for all product managers. A new article comes out more or less every two weeks, and they’re very informative yet easy and fun to read.

Other than their blog, they’ve also got a magazine and playbook. Make sure to listen to their 30 minutes podcast on Product Led Growth.


37. Product Management Exercices

You can find loads of free resources for product management and many interviews of PMs to have the latest insights. Their blog is updated very often and is filled with coaching advice and tips, mock interview sessions, instructions for joining communities of PMs, a lot of empowering content for kickstarting or established product managers.

If you’re aspiring to become a product manager, their blog will give you loads of tips on preparing for your dream product management job interview.

38. Zeda’s Product Cafe

Prashant Mahajan’s blog is the place to go if you want to catch up on everything related to product management. He aims to make product management simpler and smarter by covering all the interesting news around product management every week. In addition, he gives recommendations on what new book to read, an exciting podcast to listen to, or what article to pay attention to.

Head over to his blog to discover a lot of interesting topics to read straightforwardly and effortlessly.

39. Product Plan blog

ProductPlan’s blog is an excellent source to follow the latest trends, transformations in the industry, and PM strategies. They have an excellent platform focusing on roadmaps to help you build towards your goals. Their blog is filled with interesting articles, helpful tips, and advice on every topic about product management that should be on your bookmark list.

40. ProdPad Blog

ProdPad’s blog covers almost everything related to product management. You can find a lot of advice on being productive or getting customer feedback, excellent tips on roadmaps, or even book recommendations on product management.

Various writers contribute to the blog, so you’ll find the best practices from different experiences and backgrounds.

41. Age of Product

Age of product’s slogan is inventing on behalf of your customers. To achieve their goal, they focus on agile methods such as Lean Startup, Lean UX, Scrum, and Kanban.

Their blog provides many tools and insights for agile software development, product management, and lean methodologies. In addition, they’ve got many guest posts that enrich the content they provide. I personally love their weekly Food for Agile Thought newsletter that has more than 34k+ subscribers.

Apart from their blog, their website is packed with free resources. If you want to know more about agile methods, it’s a must-visit website.


42. Hitenism

Hiten Shah is the founder of 3 SaaS companies: KISSmetrics, Quick Sprout, and Crazy Egg.  He does several case studies and gives many tips and advice about product processes, and shares best practices from his very rich experience.

You should also subscribe to his newsletter titled Saas Weekly if you’re into SaaS businesses. He also offers a free ebook titled 5 Habits to Building Better Products Faster on his website. So it’s worth a visit!

43. Sachin Rekhi

Founder & CEO at Notejoy, a team collaborating notes app, Sachin Rekhi, shares many insights on product management and entrepreneurship on his blog. His work has been viewed over 2 million times.

I particularly love his book recommendations. He also gets invited as a guest on many podcasts, so make sure to check these out as well.

Bored of reading? Well, he also does many interesting videos where he gives a lot of tips and advice to excel at your job.

44. Steve Blank

Steve Blank arrived in Silicon Valley in 1978, just before its boom. Today, he is considered one of the MVPs in the product management world.

Although he has retired after working in 8 high tech companies during the past 21 years, he hasn’t stopped being one of the most influential people in the industry. On his blog, he unveils many secrets you won’t be able to find anywhere else. He shares all his expertise to help you drive towards continuous innovation.

45. Product Management Festival

Connect. Grow. Impact. The product management Festival gathers product professionals and managers from all around the world. They come from different industries and disciplines, meet during an event, learn from each other, have discussions, exchange their experiences, and learn how to improve their skills. It’s basically the Coachella of product management (kind of…).

They also have a blog! You can find many articles from different product managers and interviews with a large number of product leaders who share their knowledge and experience.

46. Pendo Blog

Pendo is a popular analytics tool in product management. Pendo’s experts and guests write and share several guides, tips, and best practices on their blog to help product managers deliver better and more valuable user experiences. Besides publishing a lot of content around their product, they also post many articles about general interests for product managers.

47. Product Collective Blog

Are you doing it right? Do you want to keep up with the latest news and updates about product management? The community of product Collective has 30k+ product managers that can help you with that. They host many events and share a lot of resources to help product people tackle the challenges they face every day. Tips, guides, tools, insights, interviews, etc., their blog has content for everyone and every interest.

Don’t miss out on getting free access to their 150+ pages e-book of product management advice by renowned product leaders. The book contains insights from experts that work at companies like Adobe, Atlassian,  Basecamp, Intercom & Netflix.

48. Itamar Gilad

Itamar Gilad is a coach, author, and speaker specialising in product management, strategy, and growth. He has worked for Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Microsoft and had roles in many startups.

Based in Spain, he publishes tips and advice for product managers that want to better their tools and become better at what they do. His many years of experience come in very handy in this case since he knows what he’s talking about and can definitely help anyone achieve their goals and solve problems they encounter at their workplace.

49. Daniel Elizalde

Daniel Elizalde is a product Executive turned Coach and Advisor with 20 years of experience in the industry. He defines his mission as to provide step-by-step guidance to help B2B professionals level up their innovation skills and give the confidence to bring complex products to market. In addition, he offers many IoT training and courses.

On his blog, he provides a collection of insightful content for B2B product managers.

50. KBP Media

The KBP.Media blog managed by its founder Kent McDonald provides content about Business Analysis, product Ownership, product management, Portfolio Management, and Technique Briefs.

His very well-illustrated blog posts tackle practical topics such as product roadmaps, remote working, or usability testing. You should also definitely subscribe to his weekly newsletter to constantly be updated about what he has to say.


51. Tyner Blain

Founded in 2005 by Scott Sehlhorst, Tyner Blain is a business that focuses on software product success. Scott writes articles for product managers to help them achieve product success by working on their strategic and agile product management and business analysis.

52. Sequent Learning Network

Sequent Learning is a platform offering product management training and workshops to help product teams excel in their work. They focus on product management, product strategy, and product marketing.

On their blog, you can find numerous articles around various topics concerning product management. Besides their blog, their website also offers free templates and many other resources.

53. I Manage Products

Jock Busuttil will help you learn about product management from the ground up and will help you become a stronger product manager. He will give you tips on how not to bore an audience with boring slides, how to deal with your boss regarding several issues, ace an interview, or how to escape from burning out in a busy workplace.

All the helpful resources he provides, excellent articles he writes, and tips he gives are definitely worth checking!

54. Joe Cotellese

Joe Cotellese is a product guy, coach, and founder. His specialties are in product management and product marketing, focusing on agile development, product lifecycle management, build vs. buy analysis, business models, product requirements documents, and interaction design.

His passion for product management, strategy, and user experience design comes through on his blog, where he gives advice and tips for a lot of product management-related topics.

55. Maze

Maze is a testing platform that allows organisations to get feedback remotely. Their platform allows teams to get quantifiable user insights on their product’s feedback. Their blog is full of interesting content around product. They publish articles on research, testing, design, product, etc. You should check their customer stories where big companies that work with Maze share their experience with the company’s platform.

56. Aha!

Aha! Blog is an excellent source of information, tips, guides, tutorials, product launches, PM stories for all product managers. They give excellent tips for aspiring product managers, on customer feedback, how to run a great workplace, efficient remote work, how to have a successful career in product management, etc.


57. Melissa Perri

It’s impossible not to have heard of Melissa Perri if you’ve got any interest in product management. She is considered an expert in the product management world.  She is currently the CEO of Produx Labs, a product management training organisation, and the author of Escaping the Build Trap, an undeniable PM classic.

Even though she doesn’t update it much, you should definitely check her previous writings and listen to her podcast. She’s also a very charismatic speaker, so make sure to search her name on google to find her conferences where she will teach you a lot about product management.

58. Productivityist

Productivityist has a blog to help you become more effective, efficient, and productive. It’s not mainly a product management blog, but it’s undoubtedly worth a visit if you’re looking to increase your productivity.

The Productivityist has created their free The Daily Driver layout, which is a layout for helping to craft your time and to deliver the goods every single day. Its goal is to help you have the most productive day.


59. Christian Strunk

product management and leadership coach, Christian Strunk, started as a baker… yes, as a baker! Today, he has +12 years of experience in product management and an astonishing career. You can check his blog out, where he gives tips and advice coming from lessons he learned during his career.

Make sure to check his The Product Bakery Podcast out. Every Thursday, he and his friend Alex Dapunt interview product people to talk about how to succeed in product and how product management works in different companies.

60. Clickup Blog

ClickUp is a one-in-all app that allows you to manage all your projects in one software. Even though it’s a project management blog, I find their articles and tips very useful in product management as well. For example, their blog will give you advice on how to be productive, the best way to plan, how to reach your goals, or the best software to use. So head over to discover guides and tips for everyday issues you might be struggling with.


61. Jason Fried

With over 200,000 followers on Medium and founder & CEO of Basecamp, Jason Fried is the one to follow.

He’s got impressive knowledge and experience in product management, and the way he approaches the exciting topics he writes about will empower your comprehension and expertise in product management.


62. Brian Balfour

Founder & CEO of Reforge and previously VP Growth at HubSpot, Brian Balfour shares articles, essays, and professional tips about growth strategies, engagement, customer acquisition, data, just to give some examples, on his blog. He has helped many companies grow their user bases to millions of daily active users.

63. Product Gym

Product Gym’s blog provides many resources and guides for aspiring product managers and those who want to develop their careers. They give excellent tips on interviews and job hunting, share very interesting expert insights, and help aspiring PMs transition into their new careers.

What I love about this blog is its personalised tips on becoming a product manager for specific companies such as Disney, Paypal, or Expedia.


64. Products That Count

The blog called Products That Count has a large community of members who contribute by sharing their insights and best tips on everything you can imagine related to product and product management. Check their ebooks, videos, articles, podcasts, and blogs on all topics from UX, blockchain, leadership to AI, strategy, and creating roadmaps.

If you want to go a step further, they’ve also got a PM community you can join for free via LinkedIn. There you can meet and exchange with other product managers.

65. For Entrepreneurs

David Skok tackles a lot of topics around SaaS, sales & marketing and shares his best advice for startups and business models. What I love about David Skok’s articles is his attention to detail and the study of interesting cases.

If you need more convincing, his website has been chosen as the second-best website for entrepreneurs by Forbes.

66. Product Craft

ProductCraft gathers one of the largest communities of product leaders online. Many contributors share their product management insights, best practices, perspectives, and commentaries on trending topics you should keep yourself updated with.

Make sure to check their Product Love Podcast. They’ve interviewed almost 150 expert product leaders.

67. A View on a Product Manager's daily life

Run by former Senior Oracle DBA, Pieter Van Puymbroeck, A view on a product manager's daily life gathers facts encountered during PM work by the writer. Pieter says his blog is about Oracle Data Guard, Active Data Guard, and Flashback

68. Questudio

Questudio provides digital commercial solutions for their clients to help them meet the demands of the digital era.

Their blog will keep you up to date with all the things you need to know about product management and the new products and tools out there. If you’re working in e-commerce, this is the blog to follow!

69. Rich Mironov's Product Bytes

CEO of Mironov Consulting, Rich Mironov, shares his knowledge and experience on his blog, where he publishes articles that I consider essential, about things that would inspire product managers worldwide.

Titan of product management has had a career that has expanded over two decades. As a result, he has a lot to say about every product topic and has many insights to share.

70. Product Rocket Blog

Updated regularly, product Rocket Consulting’s product management blog gathers many how-tos, tips, guides, best practices on a single platform to help you grow your product management career.

71. Aayush Jain’s The Basics of Product Management

Although not updated since summer 2020, Aayush Jain’s The Basics of product management blog is still very relevant. Go check his many insights on everything product-related. He wrote a lot about leadership principles, product reviews, product management tools, just to give you a few examples.

72. Product Hunt

If you’re looking to discover the best new products, this is probably the address to go to. Founded by Ryan Hoover in 2013, the website lists the best new apps, games, books, and podcasts every day. Their blog contains a lot of how-tos, interviews, opinions, news, stories, etc.

Also, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter that already has 500k+ subscribers as well

73. Pythian

Keep informed, current, and winning. That’s what Pythian is promising you on their blog. They publish many business insights, trends, and analyses in the tech world. Many of their experts write about technical trends, tips, and best practices


74. Shortcut

Formerly known as Clubhouse, Shortcut is one of the best blogs out there that shares the best practices in the industry, gives a lot of advice and guides, and discussion around product management with a focus on software. They also host discussions between experts in the industry around many topics that I find very interesting.


75. Peer Insight

Peer Insight is an innovation strategy consulting firm. Their focus is driving growth through product and service innovation. They have a blog where they share thoughts and insights on many topics such as innovation strategy or product & service development. You can also find free DIY templates & tools but also be up to date about what’s trending in the PM world

76. Delibr Blog

Delibr is a Stockholm-based startup that aims to help product teams. Their primary focus is on collaboration. It’s similar to Google Docs in the sense of collaboration and in-real time editing.

They’ve got a blog that touches on topics I find very interesting. All the content giving tips and bettering collaboration at the workplace and product management are worth reading.

77. Arek Skuza’s The Innovation Blog

Arek Skuza is a leader in artificial intelligence and product development strategy specialist. On his blog, Alex focuses on many product-related topics like product launch, innovation, go-to-market strategy design, and especially, you guessed it, artificial intelligence.

Make sure to check his podcast out and get two e-books for free if you subscribe to his website.

78. Product Focus

Product Focus offers private product management and product marketing training for companies and public courses for individuals in cities across the UK, Europe, and the USA. Many PM experts share information about best practices in the industry, many insights and tools in product management, and a lot of product analysis.

79. LukeW

Currently a product director at Google, Luke Wroblewski is a worldly renowned digital product leader behind several software used by billions of people worldwide. He’s been in the business for over 27 years. His website contains almost 2000 articles around digital product design, the first one dating from as early as 2001.

80. Adam Nash

Adam Nash is the CEO and co-founder of Daffy and a very trendy product leader. His blog, which almost has 4M visits, is full of insights he shares around many topics from his expertise in companies like LinkedIn, eBay, and Apple. He does have a product management category.

81. Ryan Hoover

Ryan Hoover is the founder of Product Hunt and investor at Weekend Fund. He writes many articles about his experience working at product Hunt and shares insights about his day-to-day life as a product manager.

82. Julie Zhuo

Former Facebook product Design VP shares her thoughts and opinions on products, teams, and her journey as a builder in a once-a-month post she calls The Looking Glass. She tackles very interesting topics in a way that is very pleasant to read.

83. Sales Layer

Loads of advice, news, and trends come from the Sales Layer’s blog. More focused on marketing, e-commerce, and product information management, their blog aims to help you improve your product information. I also love how fresh, easy to navigate, and stylish their layout is!

84. Netguru

Netguru is one of the most popular custom software development companies with over 10 years of experience and hundreds of developers. A collection of different specialised writers share their insights, advice, and tips on Netguru’s blog around various topics.

85. Usersnap

For product managers looking to update user-driven web development trends and customer-centric strategies, this is the address. With articles on customer feedback & experience, general product management topics, website development & feedback, bug tracking, or even quality assurance, Usernap’s blog has excellent quality content. They’ve also got great interviews with professionals in the industry.

86. Enventys Partners

Enventys Partners offers services in all aspects of crowdfunding, product development, and digital and e-commerce marketing services. Their blog, which they regularly update, covers everything about product development, crowdfunding, post-crowdfunding, startup marketing, eCommerce, digital marketing, and more. I particularly love all their tips concerning the before, during, and after crowdfunding.

87. Product Marketing Alliance

Heavily focused on product marketing, the PMA’s blog is worth visiting for a read for their articles around market and customer research, their various reports, podcasts, and ask-me-anything series. 

88. Institute of Product Leadership

Based in India and founded in 2012, the Institute of product leadership is India's first B-School for technology managers. Their blog covers the topics of product management, strategy, leadership, design, and data science. I love their tips and advice on all these topics. More specifically, their content on data science is extremely interesting.

89. Prodcamp Blog

Updated monthly, Prodcamp’s blog has many articles about user feedback, customer experience, and product management. In addition, they give loads of valuable tips about roadmaps, templates, different tools, customer feedback, and many other current trends.

90. Brainmates

Founded in 2004, Brainmates is an Australian product management services firm. Their website declares their mission to transform organisations’ product capability to develop innovative products their customers love.

Besides offering several courses and training, their blog is full of insights and tips in product management, growth, mentorship, team building, amongst many other topics.

91. Openview

Openview is a tailor-made platform to help build expansion stage software companies into market leaders. They focus on product-led growth and, more importantly, on each action and category’s “people” side. With their additional market research, surveys, and podcasts, the blog shares many visions about everything related to product management.

92. Product Managers at Work

Managed by former product managers at top companies in Silicon Valley such as Facebook and Google, Alexis and Adrienne share their insights, guides, how-tos, best tips, and practices around everything product management-related.

93. Feedback Loop

Every two weeks, Feedback Loop publishes a podcast that interviews the brightest minds around a current product topic. They tackle several topics such as qualitative research, growth, agile research, problem management, or customer feedback.

It’s not necessarily a blog, but every one of their podcasts comes with an article that summarises the important points that have been mentioned in the podcast.

94. UserVoice

Founded in 2008, UserVoice is one of the leading product Feedback Management software. Their software product management blog holds an extensive collection of content around product validation, product feedback, and product management. In addition, they give loads of tips, advice, and guides for many product-related fields.

95. Pmtips

As their name suggests, they have tips. Tips on everything about product management. They have loads of articles on several topics, software suggestions to tackle your challenges, interviews with industry experts. They also recommend events you can attend or online conferences or webinars you can follow. They provide many valuable free resources as well. Pmtips has it all.

96. Quality Bits

In this blog, Lina Zubyte writes about developing high-quality products through empathetic leadership and inclusion. She tackles topics like quality, product, or mentoring.

97. Lokalise blog

You should check Lokalise’s blog if you’re concerned with localisation. This blog provides educative content and insights to any product manager or enthusiast.

98. Inside Design

Inside Design, the official blog of InVision is a platform focused on design (as the title makes it clear). They put a lot of emphasis on the importance of collaboration and give many tips on how to better it. I love their product updates where they give advice on which platforms to use to collaborate better.

You’ll also find articles on design thinking, design teams, and design inspiration. They also offer free UI kits, videos, and webinars

99. Productfolio

Productfolio’s blog tackles many things related to product: analytics, development, discovery, frameworks, launch, and strategy. They also give a lot of tips about roadmap planning, team & roles, user research, Agile & lean, and provide a lot of learning resources. Follow if you want to expand your knowledge on building unique products.

100. Amplitude blog

The mission of Amplitude blog is simple: help teams build better products. Amplitude is the number one source when it comes to analytics. They aim to show how analytics can be used to create and build better products. They suggest you make better products by turning user data into meaningful insights. This blog is definitely a must-read!

Did I miss any of your favourite blogs?

If you have a favourite product management blog that I haven’t mentioned but think should be included on this list, please don’t hesitate to share with us on LinkedIn!

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