We offer tailor made services so you don't have to adapt.



Throughout the years we've developed a strong expertise in driving product leadership and strategy in various companies. From executive coaching to audit and organisational design, we'll be your buddy.

What we do

We adapt our approach based on your need. Sometimes you'll just need a mentor or a buddy to challenge your thoughts. Sometimes you'll need to expand your team. Temporarily?


Wether you need some advise to get started or need help on a longer period we're here to help. We'll find the perfect perfect expert to guide you.


It's sometimes difficult to know how well you're doing while continuously focusing on your running operations. We can help you reflect your performance so you can learn and grow.


Do you want to prepare a funding round? Do you need a second look to your practices or a product you've built? We're here to help.

Best practices

We follow market best practices and try to stay ahead of the curve. 
We're OKR & SCRUM heavy practitioner and value business agility among anything else.



Pragmatic, results-oriented, we find the best profiles for your need at the right time. We constantly train and coach our consultants so they can stay at the top of their game.

We are experts

Who better than an expert to find another one? With 10+ years experience in product leadership we've built an extended network of professionals we can rely on. We've also developed a sound experience in screening and recruiting various types of technical & business profiles.


Our consultant can rely on our extensive knowledge base and have frequent intervision sessions with more senior consultant to learn from their peers.


We follow closely the personal development of our consultant to find the best missions according to their skills and continuously coach them.


We provide specialised training sessions to all our consultant to ensure they stay ahead of the game and can maximise the impact they have on your organisation.



We take our pride in your success. That's why we love so much sharing our knowledge.


on demand

We believe that trainings must adapt to your needs. That's why we adapt our training your your team.

Adapted to all levels

We can help you build a low cost proof of concept and will probably convince you that you don't need any line of code.


We shape our training sessions to adapt to your need. We can organise individual or group sessions, bundle topics, etc.

Privilege Partners

We not only rely on our own knowledge but also work with field experts in many different disciplines to provide you with the best experience.

Let's work together

It all start with a good (virtual) conversation. We can do it in your living room, your office or your kitchen. You chose! :)