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What is the dualoop community ?

dualoop’s Slack community is a place to learn, exchange knowledge, discuss, get help, discover solutions, share best practices and ask for feedback on anything product from our members.

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dualoop community is the perfect place to connect and gain insights from other leaders in the industry from diverse backgrounds.

This free online community is filled with a collection of experts interested in starting conversations, sharing articles, and helping find solutions.

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There are channels for everything related to product management and even a #freshcontent to share your latest content.

We are dedicated to creating a community that allows you to get as much feedback on your problems and ideas as possible. It's a great place to help each other grow.

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Be kind and welcoming

We have zero-tolerance for bullying and negativity. Unacceptable behaviours will not be tolerated in the community.

We support different mindsets & debates

Our goal is to maintain a helpful, friendly, and diverse community for everyone.

No spam

It is forbidden to sell or promote your own products. Please do not spam users with repeated content or post the same thing on all channels.

Always ask for help

We are always here to help. We’re super friendly, and we promise to help you any way we can.

Our mission is to build a community that allow product manager to exchange ideas, share experiences, and help offer each other guidance.