illustrations derived from the book "how to run interviews during product discoveries" written by Timoté Geimer

Learn how to master interviews

Many companies struggle in different stages of their development. However, the discovery phase is one of the most important in a product manager’s job. It’s vital to understand your target’s needs and frame your problem statement.

This practical and comprehensive book focuses on semi-structured interviews as they are one of the most effective techniques for gathering insights.

What’s inside?

A step-by-step practical guide with tips and recommendations on how to effectively conduct interviews as a product builder.

Learn what types of questions to ask, how to phrase your questions and how to prepare your interviews in the framework of product management discoveries, user research, and customer interviews.

This practical book contains insightful advice and numerous tips that you can apply to your interviews right away. It also contains 40 questions that will help you build your future interviews.

How to Run Interviews During Product Discoveries includes:

Guidelines & best practices


Tips on how to prepare for interviews


Tips on how to run your interviews




Interview boilerplate


What readers say about the book

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." - Benjamin Franklin

This interview book is a gem, it’s really good and informative. I can only recommend it!

Julien de Coster

I bought the book, and I can’t thank you enough for putting this together; I was actually looking for that!

Vincent dal Maso

How to Run Interviews During Product Discoveries

A Practical Guide for Product Builders