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Qualitative research: The science behind a part of product discovery by Product Board

Do you know how to do user/client interviews properly?

Talking to your users is great. Doing it well is better. We hear every day that you need to speak to your customers to understand their needs and solve their problems. But who really knows how to do this? How to prepare interviews so as not to induce bias.

In this session, we will delve into the social sciences and, more specifically, qualitative research to rediscover how to set up a scientifically valid research method. We will discuss the research hypothesis, interview guide, and much more.

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Timoté Geimer is the CEO of dualoop, a fully bootstrapped product management consultancy that he has scaled from 0 to 20 people in just one year. Timoté has spent the last 12 years shaping and building product teams in startups and scale-ups. He now shares his knowledge with his peers through advising, guest-lecturing, forums, workshops, and private coaching. Timoté is the author of "How to run interviews during product discoveries". He is also actively investing in pre-seed-stage startups.

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