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ICAgile Certified Product Management Course – ICP-PDM

About the training

Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to bringing new products to market that your customers absolutely love?

Looking for insights on how to craft strategies that perfectly balance market analysis, business goals, and project milestones, all while aligning with your company's vision and customer expectations?

At dualoop, in collaboration with AWA Norge, we recognize the intricate dance of challenges and opportunities in product management. That's why we've tailored a training course designed to arm you with the critical skills and insights needed to create outstanding products efficiently and effectively.

You’ll discover how to incorporate customer feedback, competitive analysis, and market trends into your organisation to make better business decisions. We’ll teach you how to communicate your product vision and roadmap effectively, and provide you with a toolkit to deliver exceptional products.

Skills you will gain

With hands-on, engaging, and thought-provoking sessions, you’ll learn how to manage the product lifecycle through various stages.

  • Analyse a product across the adoption curve and the product lifecycle
  • Describe how a product can be positioned to meet market, customer, and organisational needs
  • Prepare a product strategy and describe how to validate the strategy
  • Prepare an example outcome-oriented product roadmap
  • Build a low-fidelity prototype determine how to collect and respond to and get feedback on it
  • Evaluate how team composition changes as the product changes, scales, and moves through the product lifecycle


Upon completion of this course, you’ll earn the ICAgile Certified Professional in Product Management certificate (ICP-PDM).

For who is this course?

This course is would benefit product managers, aspiring product managers, product owners and anyone needing to learn how to create and deliver better products.

Meet the trainer

Timoté Geimer has spent the last 12 years shaping and building product teams in startups and scale-ups. He now shares his knowledge with his peers through advising, guest-lecturing, forums, workshops, and private coaching. Timoté is the author of “How to run interviews during product discoveries”. Timoté has previous experience in the role of Head of Product at a number of companies, and now specialises in coaching and mentoring tech enabled companies in product management – partnering with you to maximise your impact.


1591.80 euro per person.


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