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Empower your career through dualoop intervision sessions

Ready to overcome your professional challenges?

Intervision is a peer learning method, a collaborative, reflective approach to professional development. Together with a group of peers, you reflect and discuss work experiences, challenges in a safe environment to broaden your perspective and build an actionable plan to tackle your challenges


Imagine a place where you're not alone. A place where everyone gets what you're going through because they're going through it too. This is what our Intervision sessions feel like — a lot like group therapy.

Here, you're embraced by a safe circle of people who listen with their whole heart, focused solely on helping you tackle that one thing that's been on your mind. They don't just listen; they feel with you, sharing stories that ring true to your own, brimming with both the emotional understanding and the solid, actionable advice you need to face your challenge head-on.

The heart of Intervision sessions? It's all about sharing what's troubling you in a space where every word you say is heard, every feeling you express is validated, and you're understood on a deep level.

And the cherry on top? You walk away not just feeling lighter but armed with practical steps to overcome what's been holding you back.

Can you think of anything more uplifting than that?

How does it work?

1. Prepare

The problem owner outlines the specific challenge, and the problem is clearly framed to be resolved in a single session.

2. Share

The problem owner posts their issue in the dedicated channel, ensuring every participant gets the same information and has the opportunity to prepare in advance.

3. Understand

Everyone can ask questions to understand the situation and receive additional context if needed.

4. Explore solutions

Now it's time for action: we begin brainstorming and seeking solutions to address your unique challenge. Together, we craft recommendations for the problem owner.

5. Summarise

The problem owner reflects: "What insights did I gain? How do I interpret them? What will I carry forward? Can I apply this knowledge?".

Who's it for?

We host Intervision sessions tailored for two vital roles: Product Managers and Product Designers.

Each session is uniquely catered to the group's needs, focusing on challenges specific to their roles.

Want a glimpse of what we dive into?

For Product Managers:

  • Navigating customer product development requests: How do you assess and respond effectively?
  • Staying in your lane: Managing your priorities and scope while collaborating with those who may push back.
  • Addressing design debt and errors: Strategies for identifying and correcting course.

For Product Designers:

  • Building trust with your Product Manager: What steps can you take when trust seems out of reach?
  • Tackling significant design and tech debt: Finding effective solutions for complex challenges.
  • Gaining stakeholder trust: How to assert your expertise and lead confidently in tough situations.
  • Enhancing your presentation and communication skills: Tips and techniques to elevate your influence and impact.

These sessions are not just about problem-solving. They're about growing, learning from one another, and building the kind of understanding and trust that transforms teams.

Real Feedback

Practical information

Bi-weekly sessions

Groups up to 8 people

Facilitated by a dualoop consultant

€ 100 per person, per session (with a commitment on 7 sessions)

On-site in our dualoop headquarters or online if you can't join live

Ready to Elevate Your Career?

Don't miss out – our sessions are intentionally kept small to ensure an unparalleled experience for each participant. You'll find the registration link just above. And if you're still on the fence, we warmly invite you to schedule a discovery call with us. Let's explore how we can help you advance.

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