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Built To Last #2 - Building digital products in an AI emerging world

🤔The latest AI news raises many controversial questions: can we use it responsibly and ethically?

🤔 Will it become a substitute for human decision-making?

🤔 How will it change the product industry?

The rise of free ChatGPT has sparked a wildfire of similar tools that can craft jaw-dropping text, images, and audio. And it's not just basic stuff - these tools are even churning out songs and books. It's a revolution, and we're living in the midst of it!

👉🏻 Why join us?

We couldn't just sit idly by as the news unfolded before us.

Together with PandaPanda, we assembled a team of esteemed guest experts to deliver show-stopping keynote presentations and engaging panel discussion - “How is AI transforming the future of the product world?"

Our aim? To challenge preconceived notions about AI and offer valuable insights on the subject. So grab a seat and get ready!

🕝 April 27th, Thursday, 19:30, live @ dualoop office in Av. Louise 350/8th Floor, 1050 Bruxelles.

👥The speakers and the panellists

- Thierry Croix

- Thomas Beznik

- Chanukya Patnaik

- Karol Dulat

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