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Product discovery training in Oslo, May 21st

How do I know I understand the problem? How to not jump into solutions too quickly? How can I effectively leverage the complex data to my advantage? Product discovery is one of the most challenging facets of product management.

Product discovery, executed poorly, leads to the product that fails to resonate with customers — one that they neither need, use, or love. Product discovery is full of uncertainties and often your personal biases leave you unaware of the full spectrum of strategies available to navigate it successfully.

Training plan

Module 1 - Foundation

• Approach and methodologies

• Problem framing and Solution design: main differences

• Roles and responsibilities

Module 2 - Balancing qualitative & quantitative research

• Qualitative and Quantitative research techniques

• When to use what?

• Practical exercises

Module 3 - Prioritisation & delivery

• How to prioritise the right research?

• How to balance discovery and delivery

• Practical exercises

Module 4 - What's next for you

• Setting your discovery goals

• Planning your next discovery activities

What will you learn?

By the end of the course, you will have a deep understanding of the product discovery process, including how to:

• Identify the main differences between problem framing and solution design

• Leverage Qualitative and Quantitative research techniques

• Plan and execute discovery activities

• Decide which techniques and when to use them

• Prioritise the right research method

• Set your discovery goals

• Find the perfect balance between discovery and delivery

• Cultivate change in your organisation with top-notch communication

Meet the Trainer

Timoté Geimer

Timoté has spent the last 12 years shaping and building product teams in startups and scale-ups. He now shares his knowledge with his peers through advising, guest-lecturing, forums, workshops, and private coaching. Timoté is the author of “How to run interviews during product discoveries”.

Timoté has previous experience in the role of Head of Product at a number of companies, and now specialises in coaching and mentoring tech enabled companies in product management – partnering with you to maximise your impact.

Produktledelsestrening Oslo Timote Geimer

Hear it from our former participants

An extremely knowledgeable trainer. Learned a lot about product development in a relevant context (no “Silicon Valley-stuff”)

- Kristoffer Stenseth, senior advisor

I enjoyed the course tremendously and highly recommend dualoop

- Rick Wilton, Head of Product (Payments and Finance), Policy Expert

Provided real life and practical examples to make the planning applicable to the real world

- Rachel Sutherdes, Head of Product (data), Policy Expert

The training is an intense deepdive in the field of product discovery. I was able to apply some of the techniques the day after (really) and started asking beter questions and challenge current assumptions on the topic I'm working on at the moment.

- Lieven Waerenburgh, Senior Product Manager

Very many good tools and strategies that can be used right away

- Siri O. Kvalø, CEO, AWA Norge


What is the return on investment for this training?

Employees will learn how to validate ideas before committing resources, which means the company will spend less time and money developing product that don't meet market needs. This training can lead to more successful product launches and a stronger market position.

Is this training relevant to our industry?

Product discovery is a universal process that applies to any industry. It's about understanding customer needs and market demands, which are critical factors for success in any sector.

How much time will our employees need to invest in this training?

The training condenses vital skills into two dynamic days, after which attendees are set to translate their learning into workplace results instantly.

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