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We are looking for a Community builder intern to join our team of passionate senior experts in Product Management in the mission of helping tech-enabled companies to accelerate at all stages of their development.

Our team works in different agile professions, mainly in the roles of Product Manager and Product Owner. We can, for example, come in support of a CPO to shape a department, take a CPO ad interim role or provide hands-on support during a more extended period.

We love passionate, outside-the-box thinkers who're able to share their ideas simply and clearly. Our ideal colleague has an entrepreneurial mindset and sparks joy by taking an idea drafted in a napkin to its final execution, always prioritising our customers... A keen sense of ownership, speedy performance and hustle is a must. We are constantly striving for excellence!

What would be your responsibilities?

We could list you all the tasks of a community builder, but it would be pretty cumbersome. The truth is that we'll shape the job together.

In a nutshell, your role will be to hunt the best product managers & leaders in Europe and invite them to our private Slack community.

Once they're in, your role will be to engage this community to drive peer learning & individual support.

You'll help our consultants to mingle and push them to write outstanding content, organise training sessions and events.

Our goal is to help you become an outstanding community builder, and we believe that it starts by offering you the most exciting opportunities.

In a nutshell, our vision of the job:

  • Be responsible for innovation and end-to-end community engagement.
  • Collaborate with business managers to identify business opportunities.
  • Work with our consultant to create outstanding blog posts and LinkedIn publications.
  • Curate and share content with the community.
  • Organise knowledge sharing and training sessions for the community.
  • Contribute yourself to the product community by doing research, producing content and frameworks.

What about you?

Even though 100 paths can lead to this internship, we believe the following traits are essentials:

  • You are people-obsessed, and you would go above and beyond to meet your community’s needs.
  • You have a good balance of technical knowledge and business acumen.
  • You have excellent communication skills to engage, influence, and inspire partners and stakeholders to drive collaboration and alignment.
  • You speak fluent English and French OR Dutch.
  • You have a high degree of organisation, individual initiative, and personal accountability.
  • You can think analytically and develop a plan driven by facts and figures.

What are the job requirements?

  • Curious - understanding customers and industry.
  • Constant learner - taking every opportunity to learn new things.
  • Contributor - loving to share learning with peers to get the highest impact.
  • Problem-solver - grasping any problem and finding the best solution in no time thanks to a spider-web brain.
  • Communicator - speaking multiple languages and having outstanding speaking and writing skills.
  • Organised - being structured and always prepared to take new challenges.
  • Detailed oriented - catching every single detail in an interface, an interview and even a data set.
  • Humble - knowing that it takes an entire team to build the best products.
  • Passionate  - having its definition of passion but always having one thing that gives a thrill when you talk about product management.

What do we offer?

More than a simple job, we offer you an adventure. We offer you the opportunity to work with the most exciting teams and define the future of product management.

We offer you a unique opportunity to challenge yourself every day.

We’re radically transparent about the company development, the opportunities and our decisions. Our expectations are high but the rewards as well:

  • Being part of an international, winning team that has experience launching and scaling products, we only hire the people with the highest potential.
  • We make sure you stay at the forefront of the product management practice by offering you coaching, training and intervision sessions.
  • We’ll set some career goals with you and strive to make them happen.
  • You’ll gain access to an exclusive network of product leaders, founders and VCs around the world ready to support you at any time.
  • We offer you a paid internship and are flexible on the contract type.
  • You can work from anywhere in Europe or from our Brussels office.

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